Kartini Day is an Indonesian holiday commemorating the birth in 1879 of Raden Ajeng Kartini, one of the country’s national heroes and a pioneer in the emancipation of Indonesian women.

Year by year, it is always a fascinating topic to discuss the equality, emancipation, and empowerment of women. In celebrating Kartini Day this year, we are featuring two women personas below who will share how women should set their dreams without limitation and how women should concern more on their wellness.

Diana M. Putri – Fashion Designer

Diana M. Putri is the Creative Director of Diana Couture. She was once awarded as Best Designer during the Couture New York Fashion Week New Spring/Summer 2016. Diana Putri won over other 50 designers from all over the world. This winning has made her way up to the global fashion industry and she was being given the extremely great  chance to design couture dresses for Hollywood celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Janet Jackson, Paris Hilton, Camila Cabello, Nicki Minaj, Carrie Underwood, Kesha, Meghan Trainor, Jeannie Mai on her interview with Michelle Obama, Erika Costell for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and many more. Other than the above, Diana Putri was also being honored as she has been chosen to dress The Princess of Georgia, Princess Kristine de Bagration Mukhrani.

In commemorating Kartini Day, here’s an interview that we had with this super talented woman with lots of awards and achievement that has been accolade in her name and what she thinks about what Kartini’s has fought for Indonesian women and how we should interpret it.

1. Tell us the story on how the first time you jumped into fashion industry and is it always becoming your passion since you were still a little girl?

Fashion has always been my passion.

However, growing up I had a very different dream. I wanted to become a doctor & ended up studying English literature. Yet, fashion ended up being my calling and I couldn’t imagine life any other way than doing what I’m doing now.

2. What is the most important thing that someone must have if he or she wants to be a fashion designer?

You need to have a brand originality, perseverance & hard work. There’s plenty of talented people out there, but those who truly stand out and have ambition are the ones who eventually make it in the industry.

3. Okay, now you are one (or probably the only one) of Indonesia’s fashion designers that made it to the international stage and able to design a couture dress for world class celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and many more. How did you make it, to be finally on this stage?

To be able to “Go International” was truly a blessing from God. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would be where I am today.Being recognized not only nationally, but internationally.

Princess_Kristine De_Bagration_ Mukhrani_in_Diana_Couture

It all started when I was being chosen to represent Indonesia at Couture Fashion Week New York at New York Fashion Week S/S 2015/16 and was awarded with the “Best Designer” award from Global Fashion Avenue. I soon found my PR representation in Los Angeles and have been very blessed to be able to dress the likes of Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and many more.

4. That’s very impressive! Now, is there any unique story behind the design that you made for these celebrities? Which one is the most challenging for you?

Ariana Grande in Diana Couture

Each celebrity has a very different style, taste & concept.

For Ariana Grande’s VMA “God is A Woman” piece, it was inspired by a gilded empowered piece fit for a Goddess to represent Ariana’s concept of the last supper.

For Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Custom Mask, it was inspired by the star’s color palette of chrome pink and studs

For Janet Jackson’s “Made for Now” piece, it was inspired by the regal queen that she was portraying for her comeback and many more

5. Your opinion, how do you think Indonesian women should interpret the Kartini Day?

Hari Kartini should be commemorated in an empowering way.

We should be celebrating ALL kinds of women all over Indonesia. Be it those who are career women and those who are mothers and housewives.

Every woman should be celebrated and empowered just like what Kartini has fought for, which is the equality for women, in all aspects.

6. Do you think that our country has fulfilled women’s rights in every aspect? If not yet, then what do you think should be improved?

Personally, I feel that Indonesia should protect their women more with better constitutions. Often we hear stories of women being mistreated on the news so horribly and there’s no proper justice system to protect women. This is a work in progress we must all contribute towards, for the sake of all women.

7. What do you think is the biggest obstacle that women have that makes it difficult for them to reach their dreams?

I was very blessed to be raised by amazing parents who always taught me to dream big and not let my gender get in the way of living to my fullest potential.

Unfortunately, for many I know that women are not encouraged to have big dreams and just “settle” with whatever they destined to be. I want to encourage all women out there to truly follow their dreams and live out their potential talents at the fullest.

8. Lastly, what message you want to convey to all women out there who are currently chasing their dream?

Never ever ever ever ever give up on your dreams. Hard work will never ever betray you. Stay true to who you are & make sure to always be grateful to God.

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less qualified because you’re a woman, prove them wrong by showing that you are MORE.

Learn more on Diana’s incredible masterpieces at https://diana-couture.com/ and Instagram @dianamputri

Heny Ferawati – Wellness Mentor

“The more we understand the nature of our own mind, the more we develop in wisdom, and the more we discover the source of happiness.”

Heny Ferawati, known informally as Ibu Fera is a Wellness Mentor at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan. For a woman, it is ultimately important to feel happy, be happy, and make others happy because those are the roles that evolving around each woman. A woman can only function well when she feels happy. Being able to rest well is one of the keys to keep the happiness inside of a woman.

Here, Ibu Fera offers insights into her program called Sacred Nap.

Most of us have forgotten how good and nurtured it felt to be rocked to sleep and have somebody read you a bedtime story or sing a lullaby. Ibu Fera combines this with telling the life story of Buddha and chanting various mantras that she learned when she was a Buddhist nun for seven years. The soothing sound of the singing bowl offers more sacred energy for this experience.

Ibu Fera works with guests to create individual wellness programs, sharing many techniques to approach a life lived mindfully and with a loving heart. Through the practice of various kinds of meditation and “life talks,” she passionately – as listener and facilitator – points out different angles of perspective to enable guests to overcome the ups and downs of their own daily grind.

“Meditation is not about trying to stop the thinking mind,” she explains, “but to understand the nature of body and mind, to develop wisdom, to learn respect and love for oneself wholeheartedly, helping us to become both our own master and our own best friend.”

Proficient in everything from massage and philosophical discussion to guidance for chanting Dharma, Ibu Fera likes nothing more than practicing mindfulness and meditation with guests, enabling them “to continue taking care of themselves happily and peacefully when they return home.” Souvenirs don’t get much more profound than that.

As a small child, Ibu Fera eschewed playing with others in favour of savouring the peace of Buddhist monasteries. But it wasn’t until she was 26, acting, quite by surprise, as a translator for a Canadian monk on a Vipassana Meditation Retreat in Java, that she discovered her true calling. Inspired by the health and wellness benefits of a life lived mindfully, she undertook her first silent meditation retreat and her path was set.

Her strong intention to delve deeper into the practice and learn the philosophy of life prompted a dramatic decision to ordain as a Buddhist nun in Myanmar. Following an intensive 18-month retreat, she commenced an incredible journey of study around monasteries and meditation centers throughout Asia to widen her knowledge and deepen her monastic training.

Ibu Fera believes her experiences as a nun were the most deeply transformative in her life, enabling her to actualize her wish to attain her own happiness through guiding and helping others. At the Sacred River Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, she has found a way not only to make her wish come true, but to do so in her favourite place, Ubud, where she believes “the energy is unique and supportive, enabling everyone to explore themselves in a spiritual way.”

Ladies, Ibu Fera’s “The Sacred Nap” album, can be purchased at Four Seasons Sayan’s Boutique and – there’s actually a small snippet at SoundCloud, that you are able to listen to, find out more here https://www.fourseasons.com/sayan/spa/