The Karangasem World Music Festival 2019 held on 11-13 October 2019 in Puri Gede, Karangasem Bali, is expected to assist in recovering tourism in Bali following the increased volcanic activity of Mount Agung. This event is one of the activities within the Bali Recovery Program 2019, as music is a universal language, thus this World Music Festival is hoped to act as a trigger to restore tourism in Karangasem.

Prof. Dr. I Gde Pitana, Expert Staff for the Ministry of Tourism for Marketing and Cooperation, stated that “since the increase of volcanic activity on Mount Agung in September 2017, tourism in Bali has faced a significant challenge with many countries, tourists, and potential visitors concerned with the situation in Bali. The Ministry of Tourism has conducted several efforts to restore international confidence in order to return the positive image of Bali as the icon of Indonesia’s tourism.” Towards this end, Prof. Pitana added that the Program Bali Recovery, which was initiated by the Ministry of Tourism, has continued to be implemented through several approaches and strategies, including diplomatic channels, promotion of tourism, as well as preparedness mitigation.

One of the program by the Ministry is through convening several international scale events within the Program Bali Recovery. In light of this, in conjunction with the Bali Tourism Board and the Karangasem Tourism Agency, the Ministry of Tourism has conducted several events such as Festival Pesona Tulamben, Discover Karangasem, Brotherhood Champ, Miss Universe Reunion, Festival Pesona Edelweiss, and Karangasem Music World Festival.

Furthermore, as stated by I Gusti Ayu Mas Sumatri, the Regent of Karangasem, the Karangasem World Music Festival is also an integrated part of the branding program of Karangasem, namely The Spirit of Bali, which focused on the management and development of resources so that it may provide benefit to the people of Karangasem as well as providing a valuable experience for tourists. In addition, Ida Bagus Agung Gunarthawa from the Committee of Karangasem World Music Festival 2019 also highlighted that through the music, the Karangasem World Music Festival is organized to strengthen the notion of unity and diversity by combining the melodies of Segara-Gunung. Thus, by focusing on this spirit, it is hoped that it would build solidarity and appreciation which in-turn could bring a better life for the people.