Looking for a place to unwind and cozy up for hours while having really good selections of food and drink, Yabai could be the perfect place to mask off. Nestled on the front side of De Ritz Building, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Yabai is a Neo Nippon Gastropub which embodies the work hard – play hard motto that the Japanese culture lives by. The name pays tribute to a Japanese slang word means dangerous or ‘damn’.

Upon entering Yabai, you’ll soon notice that the place takes inspiration from a traditional Japanese izakaya with a few kitsune elements enamored the walls. Yabai lures you with its vibrant and warm tendencies, then the dim light works perfectly with its wooden ornaments and gray color elements. The much-relaxed ambiance will loosen you up and make you forget your glitch temporarily. You can immediately unwind with their wide variety of yakitori, tapas, craft infused and curated cocktails.

Wanting a full izakaya experience at first, don’t sleep on these Yabai’s signature yakitori skewers. Momo was incredibly tender, the fat rendered down nicely and the meat practically falling off the stick after one bite. Gyu Karubi was similarly delectable, and Tsukune was completely addicting.

As you savor more of the joint’s craft infused shochu like Ume, Tomato or Corn, keep lining your stomach with their mouthwatering easy-bite dishes such as Mushroom Salad, Salmon Carpaccio, Beef Chashu, and Chicken & Prawn Gyoza. A unique menu presentation came from Bone Marrow & Bone as they served sweet corn, mushroom, beef ragout, parmesan cheese, and potato chips on the bone marrow as a platter. For a more carb-heavy dish, try their Onsen Gyudon, Salmon Dynamite, and Miso Tori Men or the spicy Jigoku Tori Men for your ramen craving.

To sweeten the moment, Neo Nippon Cheesecake made from baked cheesecake, strawberry coulis, and vanilla chantilly delivered on the flavors, keeping things sweet and lovely. If you’re a matcha person try Matcha Tiramisu, the mascarpone mousse and green tea ladyfinger sure will bring you to the maximum satisfaction.

De Ritz Building
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 91, Menteng, Jakarta 10310
Phone: (+62 21) 310 6756
Instagram: yabai.jkt

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