Chinese New Year is eagerly awaited because this big holiday is one of the important moments to gather with family. To usher in an auspicious year ahead, decorating a house with a lively shade of red and gold is an unmissable tradition in nearly every household. Let’s explore these shopping places in the capital city of Jakarta, who knows there are knick-knacks that match your needs.

Asemka Market

Asemka Market is located under the Jembatan Lima flyover, West Jakarta. It is located not so far from the train station and the TransJakarta Kota bus stop. The goods sold at Pasar Asemka are fairly cheap and you can still haggle. Towards the Chinese New Year, traders begin to appear selling Chinese New Year ornamental plants, stickers, wall hangings, red envelopes, and many more.

Mangga Dua

Various Chinese New Year knick-knacks are sold at Mangga Dua. Just like other Chinese New Year markets, here you can find many shops selling various types of Chinese New Year items. Buildings here are equipped with air conditioners is one of the factors people prefer to go here because of the convenience. The choice of goods is more varied. If you are diligent and patient, you can get the best quality goods at low prices.

Petak Sembilan Glodok

As the name implies, this one place is located in heart of Glodok, precisely on Kemenangan Street, West Jakarta. Glodok is famous as Jakarta’s Chinatown area. It is certain that the sellers at Petak Sembilan Glodok offer a variety of Chinese accessories. Rows of stalls and vendors sell cheongsam-style clothes, lanterns, red packets, dolls, mei hua trees, and wall hangings. Chinese New Year trinkets sold there are quite cheap.

Kem Chicks

If you don’t want to break a sweat and don’t mind spending a higher cost for some high-quality and exquisite ornaments, Kem Chicks could be the place for you. Located in the prestigious area in South Jakarta, Kem Chicks’ Chinese New year display is really stunning. It could mesmerize your eyes that could hypnotize you to grab some for your home.

Scoop Ideas

Once you step into the Scoop Ideas store, you are immediately taken to a world of wonderland filled with happiness and festive vibes. Scoop Ideas always follows seasonal trends including the Chinese New Year celebration that attracts our eyes when passing to their store in the malls. All kinds of products are very adorable and you will never run out of creative ideas when you are here. Thoughtful modern living ideas that are suitable for any fun occasions and celebrations.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is designed specifically for your home needs. Although it might not as festive as other shops are, Ace Hardware still sells Chinese New Year ornaments that will garner some visitors to buy some.

Alun Alun Indonesia

Alun Alun Indonesia is a modern retail space created not merely for enjoyment but also to support the development and marketing of Indonesia’s culture-based products such as handicrafts. So you can expect to find Chinese New Year handicrafts that are already mixed with Chinese and Indonesian cultures.