Bacang Noona

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Bacang Noona offers a contemporary bacang creation that has many variants and tastes really good. There are sticky rice, rice, salted egg yolk, and for the meat, there are halal and non-halal ones.

Phone: +6281311258095
Instagram: @bacangnoona

Bakcang 32

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Be festive during the Dragon Boat Festival with delectable bacang from Bakcang 32. From bacang to kwicang, Bakcang 32 will satisfy your cravings. Be sure to make orders in advance as they only make 50 slots per day.

Phone: +6285855551632
Instagram: @bakcang32

Baker Something

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Baker Something is here to introduce you to their renowned high-quality bacang. Made from premium ingredients and filled with generous toppings, their bacang will be so tempting on your table.

Phone: +6281234546426
Instagram: @bakersomething

Lielie Kitchen

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Lielie Kitchen is famous for their Pontianak-style bacang. The size of the bacang is quite big plus the filling is abundant, and the sticky rice is fluffy, delicious, savory, making you very pleasantly full. It contains the goodness of meat soy sauce, shitake mushrooms, ebi, peanuts, chaipou, garlic, and various spices that make the taste even more delicious!

Phone: +6281585323233

Nyonyah Lien

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Claimed as the number one Medan-style bacang in Jakarta, Nyonyah Lien always make them with the finest ingredients. Wrapped in perfectly sticky rice and bamboo leaves, bacang from Nyonyah Lien is a perfect traditional treat for your loved ones.

Phone: +628119322310
Instagram: @nyonyah_lien