V-Soy World Indonesia always wants to inspire their audience and consumers through its activities and campaigns. This time, V-Soy World Indonesia collaborates with Sigi Wimala, an inspiring female public figure.

Making another breakthrough, V-Soy World Indonesia also invites Kopi Dari Pada to do a special collaboration for coffee lovers.

V-Soy Featuring Sigi Wimala

Sigi Wimala, an actress and a public figure who always inspires through her acting and healthy lifestyle, was announced as V-Soy World Indonesia’s Brand Ambassador. Her active and sporty persona, yet never abandons her role as a mother, is considered match with V-Soy. “Sigi Wimala’s profile matches with brand characteristics of V-Soy which always carries the motto, The Smart Soy Solution.” said Evlin Wangsadirja, Brand Manager of V-Soy World Indonesia.

Meanwhile for Sigi, V-Soy is a product that meets all activities, containing low fat and low calories making V-Soy a healthier drink for everyone. Especially as a woman who always take cares their appearance and health, Sigi pays a lot of attention with the product she consumes.

“I choose V-Soy because it’s a healthy product, moreover it’s delicious, practical – ready to drink and supports my healthy lifestyle.” Sigi described her love of V-Soy.


Dari Pada by Hangry is inspired by the magic of a cup of coffee to start conversation between friends, family and partners with the simple sentence of: “Let’s go for a cup of coffee” then make that moment more special with the company of Dari Pada by Hangry. Dari Pada is here to remind us about the social value of an interaction.  

From the collaboration with V-Soy, Dari Pada aims to bring healthier choices for the customer. With the tagline: “Not milk, It’s V-Soy”, they have 3 variants: Kopi Susu Gula Aren, Matcha and Chocolate.

About V-SOY

V-Soy is 100% plant-based soy milk with low calories and zero cholesterol. “In accordance with their tagline, “The Smart Soy Solution”, V-Soy encourages consumers to implement a fit and healthy lifestyle and so achieve a high-quality life”, said Evlin Wangsadirja, Brand Manager of V-Soy World Indonesia.

V-Soy is proud to launch 5 new flavors; original, multigrain, cocoa, low sugar and golden grain, ensuring V-Soy is everyone’s choice and favorite soy milk.

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