When it comes to authentic Churrasco (read: shoe-HAS-ko) or Brazilian-style BBQ restaurant, Tucano’s Jakarta is always on top of our list. Named after Brazilian Bird, the restaurant brings the festive of best quality meat with authentic Brazilian style BBQ Churrasco concept and grilled meat that is cooked on 900 degrees temperature by a special machine.


As a long-established restaurant, we really appreciate how Tucano’s Jakarta always elevates its menu. As we were invited to its Pavilion Retail Arcade the other day, we couldn’t help but fall in love again with its delightful Churrasco buffet experience. This time, the restaurant serves various cuts with even better quality meat, as well as additional grilled chicken cuts. With a total of 10 skewers served in front of us, we can say that it was one of the best all-you-can-eat BBQ experiences we’ve ever had.

Before serving the meat cuts, the waitress came to us with a trolley of appetizer selection. Because we came during the New Normal period, Tucano’s limits the physical contact by serving the buffet selection right to our table, such as salads, pasta, deep-fried items, soups, and stews. And then the Churrasco BBQ began with the grilled-meat skewers served to our table one by one and sliced to our plate, which is a signature and famous serving style of the restaurant.

Picanha (Prime Top Sirloin)

As we mentioned above, we were served with various cuts, including Picanha (Prime Top Sirloin), Spicy Steak (Top Sirloin), Fraldinha (Bottom Sirloin), Cupim (Beef Hump), Beef Sausage, Coracao (Chicken Heart), Frango (Chicken Leg), and Grilled Pineapple. Especially for the meat, all of them came from premium beef, marinated a day before, then grilled in a 900 degrees temperature until medium-well. Picanha is the restaurant’s most highlighted one as it is also the customer’s favorite. And, we do love this one as well. Coming from the prime part of the sirloin, you can expect how juicy and tender the meat is. And without excessive seasoning, only marinated with sea salt and garlic, the divine flavor of the meat is so enjoyable.

Cupim (Beef Hump)

Our second’s favorite is Cupim or Beef Hump, a unique cut of beef from Zebu cattle. Cupim has no blood and juice, yet it is super soft and flavorful. Found almost exclusively in Brazilian cuisine, Cupim is indeed an appealing choice from Tucano’s. Apart from those two, other cuts were also equally satisfying to us. If you’re more into a zesty or robust flavor, you might hard to stop savoring the Spicy Steak. The grilled pineapple was also the star of this experience, as it balanced our palate perfectly. The cuts can be enjoyed with various Brazilian special dip-sauces, such as Garlic & Chili, Vinegar Chili Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, and more.

Spicy Steak

For the AYCE packages, the Churrasco buffet experience comes with 60-90 minutes duration for lunch and dinner. The Express Lunch Package starts from IDR168,000++ (adult) and Regular Lunch Package starts from IDR268,000++ (adult). The Black Angus Lunch Package starts from IDR398,000++ and Premium Wagyu Lunch Package starts from IDR498,000++. The restaurant also offers an ala carte menu, also for lunch and dinner.

Tucano’s Brazilian BBQ and Buffet
Pavilion Retail Arcade, Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur No.24, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat
P: (+6221) 29023398
IG: tucanos_jakarta


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