Don’t you get tired of the same old boring cigarettes? Want to be more creative with your smoke consumption? Now, with Tjap Bagong around, you can elevate your huff-and-puff game! To reintroduce hand-rolled cigarettes to Jakarta’s modern society, this brand will prove that rolling your cigarettes is another level of fun.

About Tjap Bagong

Tjap Bagong is a Jakarta-made brand that offers a variety of tobacco options and supporting accessories. Established in 2021, they’re committed to make hand-rolled cigarettes mainstream among younger generations. They provide high-quality and curated products for your daily consumption.

Tjap Bagong highlights tobacco and hand-rolled cigarettes because they’re aware that both of those things are a part of Indonesia’s heritage. Of course, looking back at when coffee wasn’t as “popular” today, it takes innovations to adjust this culture to suit the current society’s interest. Hence, Tjap Bagong hopes that they can find a place for the ‘ancient’ hand-rolled cigarettes in the culture of Jakarta’s modern society.

Other than operating its business online, this business also opened its first store in Kemang Utara in August 2021. This offline store exists to be a hub that educates and invites conversations between cigarette hand-rollers. Both amateurs trying to learn how to hand-roll their cigarettes or pro-rollers looking for rolling camaraderie have their place in Tjap Bagong’s store.

The Many Advantages of Hand-Rolling Cigarettes with Tjap Bagong

The liberty to design the cigarette that is uniquely you
If you think that it’s impossible to design your cigarette, Tjap Bagong begs to differ. With a variety of tobacco options that are unique and affordable, you can mix and match the tobacco to create the taste that suits your palate best. Also, the type of paper you’re using and/or the amount of tobacco you put into the cigarette can be adjusted to your preference. There’s no rule in hand-rolling cigarettes, so feel free to learn more about your smoking preference with them!

Take part in the preservation of this Indonesian cultural heritage
Linting dewe (tingwe) or “hand-rolling on your own” is a part of Indonesia’s traditional culture that we can still see today. Tjap Bagong offers us the opportunity to preserve the ancient culture without sacrificing our swag. All of the tobacco options and supporting accessories are curated to fit Jakarta’s cultural standards.

Show-off your tobacco collection without costing you a fortune
Believe it or not, being cool doesn’t always have to cost you a lot. Even without having a deep pocket, you can buy various tobacco and some of its accessories. Imagine: the money you usually spend to buy a cup of latte in Jakarta can fund your tobacco collection. Expensive should not hinder you from hanging out in style.

A new activity to do when hanging out with your friends
Sharing cigarettes is so last year. Have you ever tried hand-rolling together? It’s a fun thing to explore together with your friends. Maybe your friends haven’t tried your tobacco or paper choice before. They could also offer tips to elevate your cigarette rolling game. Whatever it is, hand-rolling is an innovation worth trying to spice up your hangout routine.

Information on Online and Offline Store Offline Store
Tjap Bagong Store
Operational Days & Hours: Tuesday – Sunday & 13.00 – 21.00 Jln. Kemang Utara No. 35
Kel. Bangka – Kec. Mampang Prapatan Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia

Online Store
Instagram and Tiktok: @tjapbagong