The Westin Jakarta, part of Marriott International Inc. is delighted to announce “Artisan Market”, a culinary promotion taking part at its signature all-day dining restaurant, Seasonal Tastes starting from November 23 to December 1, 2018.

Artisan Market is a collaboration with 5 top Indonesian Local Artisans: Javara Culture, Rosalie Cheese, Microo Tempe, Pipiltin Cocoa and Gelato Secrets, which will be used as main ingredients in the buffet offerings as a nod to the Indonesian culinary heritage.

Javara Culture – Keeping indigenous food and culture alive in Indonesia.

Founded by Herlianti Hilman, JAVARA collaborates with more than 52,000 farmers who produce over 700 products such as rice, noodles, Bali Artisan Salts, herbs & spices. The brand has also been able to provide for around 300 retailers as well as export to 19 countries. JAVARA is also not solely focusing on production — the organization has also started community capacity building efforts to sustain the development of the communities they serve.

Rosalie Cheese produces Natural Indonesian Cheese made from farm fresh ingredients without preservatives and colorings. With a workshop located in Denpasar, Bali, Rosalie Cheese uses traditional cheese making techniques and Indonesian milk which has unique flavor based on Indonesian varied climate, soil and plant life. Founded by Ayu Linggih, Ayu learned and practiced cheese making techniques during her studies in Australia. Rosalie Cheese’s aim is to create specialty cheese with a unique twist on local flavors, developed to suit the local and International taste.

Microo Tempe – Tempe is often considered as one of the best superfoods in the world from Indonesia. Founded by Anissa Hanan, a  young passionate Tempe maker, Anissa makes and sells Tempe from local sustainable grown beans, which is harvested from sustainable local farming around Yogyakarta and with non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) which is safer for health. Anissa also works with small-scale women Tempe producers in rural area.

Her dream is to promote Tempe as superfood from Indonesia cultural heritage that have lots of benefit and should be made from local sustainable grown beans.

Pipiltin Cocoa – “Sharing is Caring” –  as huge chocolate lovers, we feel that all that is sweet and delicious must be enjoyed together.

Founded by Tissa Aunilla, she3 and her team have traveled across Indonesia to taste the unique flavors from different types of cocoa beans. The collections vary, consisting of cocoa beans originating from Pidie Jaya, Aceh and Tabanan, Bali. These unique flavors are for customers to enjoy in the various desserts provided at Pipiltin Cocoa. Tissa’s dream is to expand Pipiltin’s cocoa beans collection from all over Indonesia very soon.

Gelato Secrets – Every Flavor tells a Story

Gelato Secrets hold the values of using only 100% natural ingredients to ensure the best health benefits when eating its gelato and sorbetto. Gelato Secrets have been making their products from scratch to create the best flavours from the ingredients. This also assures to control the ingredients and product quality 100%. Gregory & Maria Indah, the founders of Gelato Secrets works together with farmers that holds the same value and collaborate together to create some unique flavours, and meeting some local farmers who shares their life journey with them. From that they realized how important it is to keep buying local produce from the local farmers to sustain their life and the environment.

Artisan Market Food Promotion is available every day from November 21 to  December 1, 2018 at Seasonal Tastes with prices as follows:

  • Weekday lunch IDR 388,000++
  • Weekday dinner IDR 408,000++
  • Weekend lunch/dinner IDR 438,000++

Prices are inclusive of soft drinks, beer, and flavored ice tea.

For more information and to reserve, please contact +62 21 2788 7768 or email