To reminisce the great glory days, when the high socialists came here and gathered to relish quality Italian-style pizza back in late 80’s until early 90’s, this August The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta revived the phenomenon Pizzeria to bring so much nostalgia. Presently, as they named it Sultan Pizzeria, has a safe new normal concept of open space dining venue in the middle of urban lush jungle in the capital like it used to in 90’s era. Loyal visitors are expected to enjoy the breezy wind and the gurgling relaxing sound of a big water fountain.

“This August, as we enter this next phase, we want our loyal guests to go out and enjoy our newly open “flash restaurant” named Sultan Pizzeria where they can enjoy the fresh air and still can get the food they want and socializing. But we want to do it safely and responsibly. We will monitor this outlet closely to make sure we do not see any unintended consequences.” said Fintan O’Doherty, General Manager of The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta.

“At first start, we only open Sultan Pizzeria on weekends from Friday to Saturday, that’s why we call it as “flash restaurant”. We also use this place for breakfast or even private functions for those who want to have intimate outdoor weddings or gatherings. It also part of our hotel’s reopening strategy to bring people back to our property.” he added.

For direction, Sultan Pizzeria is nestled in the main tower of the hotel, near to Kudus Hall and infinity swimming pool. Sultan Pizzeria serves small bites, pizza, pasta as all-time Italian’s favorite menu with cocktails and mocktails. For the healthful options, they also serve healthy smoothies and healthy juices. This is really a great idea for guests to relax and enjoy every bit of solitude moment when they’re lounging near the swimming pool.

Sultan Pizzeria is very accessible. Guests can go there walking from the hotel lobby or direct to go there from the gate in Gatot Subroto. It can accommodate up to 50 people with a physical distancing seating arrangement applied. “We are lucky as we have 34 acres lush sprawling garden because using public open space to help our struggling business is a huge win. I’m incredibly pleased to see a simple straightforward application for our Sultan Pizzeria to succeed going forward,” said Fintan again.

“We welcome you all to Sultan Pizzeria. However, we also are sure to observe strict social distancing at all times. We all want to enjoy meals but must be vigilant to maintain our health and safety as a top priority; maintain distance, practice good hand hygiene, wear face coverings while not eating or drinking and stay home if sick.” he concluded.

Sultan Pizzeria features a classic Italian-style pizza that includes everybody’s favorite such as The Carnivore with beef sausage, beef pepperoni and mozzarella cheese, a hearty vegetarian option like Vegetariano that includes eggplant, zucchini, sweet corn, capsicum, and mozzarella cheese, as well as their signature Seafood Marinara with mixed assorted seafood, tomato sauce, and mozzarella sauce.

Don’t forget to have them with Greek Salad or the irresistible Fusilli Carbonara Truffle if you still have more space. There’s no reason not to end the meal on a sweet note and what better way to do this than the classic Apple Pie? Sultan Pizzeria’s rendition comes served in an average size portion, Soft on the inside and crusty on the outside, which coupled with fresh cream and strawberry salsa, made for quite the satisfying spoonful and a great way to end off the meal.

To launch Sultan Pizzeria, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta held media gathering to re-introduce the phenomenon back then. All the staff and invitees followed the health protocol applied to keep things safe. This event sponsored by Alleira Batik, The After work, and MedPro.

Sultan Pizzeria at The Sultan Hotel & Residence
Jl. Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Gelora, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat
P: (+6221) 5703600