Every July 23, Indonesia is celebrating Hari Anak Nasional (National Children’s Day). National Children’s Day is celebrated as a form of concern for Indonesian children in fulfilling their rights as children.

The commemoration of National Children’s Day is not only ceremonial, but more than that, the commemoration of Children’s Day is an important momentum to increase public awareness of respecting and guaranteeing children’s rights without distinction or discrimination.

As a company that has worked in the tourism industry, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta has also contributed to the commemoration of National Children’s Day. This year, The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta is in collaboration with Seko.ci (Sekolah Cinta Anak Indonesia), which is a school for children of the marginalized. The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta held a one-day educational tour to the Jakarta Aquarium & Safari on July 23, 2022.

As the name implies, Seko.ci is an informal school for street children located under a bridge in the Cikini area. Seko.ci has a vision, which is to improve the quality of education for marginalized children by cultivating aspirations from an early age to improve their standard of living.

The itinerary for this field trip started with breakfast with about 30 children from Seko.ci then continued with an excursion to the Jakarta Aquarium & Safari. The children enjoy Moshi Moshi, a Japanese Summer Festival that takes them to Shibuya and Tokyo. They also saw the cute Capuchin, the intelligent, action-packed monkey who is the new family of Jakarta Aquarium & Safari. Capuchins are usually found in the trees of South America. They also saw the otter tunnel and played with some sea creatures in the touch pool.

After the trip from Jakarta Aquarium & Safari, the children were served lunch again at Pizzeria The Sultan Hotel & Residence Jakarta and given special gifts of appreciation for National Children’s Day.

This small thing is a step to fulfill one of the rights of children besides the right to live, grow, develop, and receive protection from violence and discrimination, all Indonesian children have the right to be happy and have fun.