Wagyu Beef nowadays is common and regularly being chosen by meat lovers, as their meat’s preference. The tenderness, juicyness, and the delicate taste of this particular meat made it so special and much higher quality than other type of meats.

Understanding that under the current circumstances where travelling abroad is restricted, Shaburi, Kintan Buffet & Yakiniku Like bring the real and original wagyu beef directly from Japan to fulfil the palate for those who are longing to travel to this country and to savour the original Awa gyu or Japanese beef.  

The Original Story of Wagyu

The word ‘wagyu’ itself comes from a Japanese word ‘wa’ which literally means Japan and ‘gyu’ means cow. So, basically wagyu means Japanese cows, cows which breed in Japan while other wagyu beef which are breed outside Japan like Australian Wagyu or New Zealand Wagyu are actually different than the original ones coming from Japan.

Relatively more expensive than the regular beef, wagyu is more special due to its tender texture that came from the fats that are contained inside the wagyu beef or known as sashi (snow flower).

In Japan, there are around 200 brands of wagyu in the market such as Matsusaka gyu, Kobe gyu, Omi gyu, Yonesawa gyu, and many more. These wagyu beef are being named after the district or the region in where the cows are being breed.

‘Japanese Black’, The Highest Quality of Wagyu

Though wagyu itself is categorized as high quality beef, but there is still leveling  in this type of meat to qualify which one is the highest  in quality. ‘Japanese Black’ is known as the highest rank in Japanese wagyu and it is mostly are branding out under the famous Matsusaka gyu, Kobe gyu, Omi gyu and a few more.

Awa Gyu

‘Awa gyu’ is one of Japanese Black wagyu breed in Tokushima. The name Awa gyu derived from the word ‘Awa’, it is the name of the region, Tokushima, in the ancient time. All Awa gyu are available from rank B4 to A5 (the highest rank). The super premium quality of Awa gyu is resulting from how the cows are being breed also the pedigree to the distributor in which only the certified ones are entitled to distribute this type of wagyu. Other qualifications are the cow which has to be aged at least 30 months with at least 720 kilograms weight. All of these requirements must be fulfilled to be qualified as Awa gyu.

From Japan to Jakarta

Shaburi, Kintan Buffet & Yakiniku Like will present this special Japanese wagyu (in grade A4!) with halal certification in a limited time only, so grab it fast while it last. Japanese Wagyu Promotion is available from March 25 at these stores: Shaburi & Kintan Buffet Pacific Place, Shaburi & Kintan Buffet Senayan City, Yakiniku Like Grand Indonesia, Yakiniku Like Lippo Puri Mall.

These Japanese wagyu will be crafted specially and hand-sliced to guarantee that the taste is more delicious and available to be ordered with special deal by ordering the All You Can Eat at Shaburi and Kintan Buffet and get “One plate of complimentary Japanese Wagyu beef” per person. While Yakiniku Like is offering this special Japanese Wagyu beef set 100g at only Rp 88.000.

Dining Innovation Group

Shaburi, Kintan Buffet & Yakiniku Like is currently the biggest shabu-shabu and yakiniku restaurant franchise in Indonesia with more than 64 dining outlets.

It is brought to Indonesia by Dining Innovation Group, Japan.