Ranch Market introduces Pasarina by Ranch Market, a new brand from Ranch Market which is the first premium local supermarket in Indonesia that adapts the metaverse brand with a unique and different concept. The first store Pasarina by Ranch Market is located in Sarinah, the first shopping center in Indonesia with a cultural heritage status. Pasarina offers high-quality local products and is ready to provide an interesting shopping experience through digital interaction with nuances of Indonesian culture and traditions, a new shopping experience for the Indonesian people.

The opening ceremony

Under the auspices of PT Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk, Ranch Market has been known as an upscale supermarket with a collection of quality products. Pasarina by Ranch Market provides superior local products in the form of fresh produce and best-curated seafood from all over the archipelago. Product curation is carried out strictly based on research results and visitor input with the support of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia.

Pasarina carries the ‘Traditional Meet Modern‘ concept, where local products will be paired with selected imported products. Some examples of local products displayed are various leaf teas, soy sauce, spices, herbs, and many more. Chocolate from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara is a distinctive example that not many know that Kupang produces quality chocolate with attractive packaging. By displaying superior products from all corners of Indonesia, Pasarina invites the public to get to know the product as well as to know more about the area of ​​origin of the product. What Pasarina has to offer can cure the longing for local culinary products for residents of Jakarta, which is a melting pot of the various regions in Indonesia.

Pasarina by Ranch Market

In Pasarina, the community can participate in supporting micro-enterprises in various parts of Indonesia to continue to produce high-quality products while meeting their daily needs. This support will lead to an increase in the standard of living of the people who produce these products.

As a pioneer of the metaverse brand in Indonesia, at Pasarina, people will experience an exciting new experience through digital interaction using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology with Computer Vision which is able to provide an understanding of 3-dimensional locations and provide user coordinates as well as 3-dimensional laser scanning technology to scan location in 3 dimensions. The existence of a Guidebot, like a personal assistant, will guide visitors one-on-one to find out the best location and promotion of the desired product through the help of robots with Augmented Reality technology. The search function directs visitors to find product positions without having to wait for store employees. Currently, there are 10 main destinations for the Guidebot function and will develop following all categories in the store. Visitors can scan a QR Code which will guide visitors to interactive product knowledge through Augmented Reality where 3-dimensional virtual objects and virtual product knowledge will be present to provide product information. Gamification provides an interesting new shopping process in the digital world with games and other interesting activities through the use of Virtual Reality so that visitors can enjoy a “shopping while playing” experience.


Pasarina by Ranch Market presents the latest technology to provide a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Later all of this can only be enjoyed by accessing the TRUST Live application. In the future, the TRUST Live application will also be available for other brands owned by PT Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk such as Ranch Market, Farmers Market, The Gourmet, Farmers Family, and Day2Day. This Metaverse Trust Live brand feature was specially developed and prepared by Metaverse Studio Indonesia for the Ranch Market Group.

“Ranch Market Indonesia invites the public to experience an exciting shopping experience with digital interaction at Pasarina by Ranch Market in the iconic Sarinah building. Find high-quality local Indonesian products in nuances of Indonesian culture and noble traditions combined with technology. Let’s support local products and the economy of product-producing communities in remote parts of Indonesia by proudly buying Indonesian products,” said Maria Suwarni, Chief of Merchandising and Marketing Officer of PT Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk.

Fetty Kwartati, President Director of PT Sarinah, said, “The concept of the first metaverse supermarket in Indonesia by Pasarina reaffirms Sarinah as the first modern shopping center in Indonesia. This is in line with Sarinah’s contemporization as a destination that is adaptive to changing times, but also pleasing to all generations. Sarinah in the concept of business transformation also embeds technology in the business ecosystem and its brand. We appreciate the innovation of Sarinah’s tenants and partners in developing their business and continuing to improve their services for consumers.”


Experienced, innovative, and passionate – is the right expression to describe the presence of Pasarina by Ranch Market in Jakarta with a unique concept, bringing fresh air to the retail industry, especially in this post-pandemic period as the family’s first choice in meeting their daily shopping needs.

Pasarina, who is proud to take Indonesian products to the next level, carefully combines the background of each product in its local culture of origin and high-tech, cutting-edge technology, concocting everything into an experience for the whole family. Pasarina will become the destination to fulfill their daily needs. Let’s feel the sensation of entering the meta world at Pasarina by Ranch Market.

Pasarina by Ranch Market
Sarinah, Basement Level
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.11, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
Instagram: @pasarina99id