The trend of healthy living is increasingly popular, especially in big cities like Jakarta. More and more people are starting to pay attention to their food intake. Healthy-minded people usually focus on consuming organic, fresh, and natural food ingredients. Not infrequently, some of them focus on certain dietary patterns such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.

Unfortunately, finding organic, healthy, and suitable food ingredients for a diet is not easy. There are still few supermarkets that focus on offering healthy ingredients. It is seen by Growell to open a supermarket that focuses on offering organic and healthy food ingredients. Since the success of its first outlet in the Gunawarman area, Growell Whole Foods opened its newest branch in the Pondok Indah area this month.

Growell Whole Foods Pondok Indah

With a larger space, now comes with more various product selections to establish a healthier lifestyle! A one-stop healthy supermarket that provides a variety of a natural selection of daily needs from fruits, veggies, groceries, to a ready-to-eat and healthy beverage center called Wellness Bar.

A Home of a Tons of Healthy Friends

If you are looking for organic, vegan-friendly, even gluten-free groceries, this is your safe haven. Growell Whole Foods Pondok Indah has tons of healthy products to balance your diet every time you step into your kitchen from now on.

Our Newly Launched Wellness Bar

As mentioned earlier, in this supermarket, they have the newly launched Wellness Bar that serves a menu full of tasty and nutritious drinks to balance your diet with 100% natural creation of protein shakes, healthy smoothies, cold-pressed juice, artisanal jamu, kombucha, to plant-based coffee. You can also supercharge your smoothies with superfoods such as: spirulina, granola, chia seeds, flax seeds, or goji berry as topping!

Growell Whole Foods Pondok Indah

Find 10 variants of superfood Smoothies, 13 Refreshing Cold-pressed juice, 4 variants of Growell-made Kombucha to a large range of plant-based coffee!

Create Your Own Peanut Butter at The Bulk Store

The Bulk Store

Another interesting facility from Growell Whole Foods is the Bulk Store where visitors can mix and create their own peanut butter here. The most favorite choices here are almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamias, pistachios, to cashews. Besides being able to save on the use of plastic containers by buying nuts in bulk, the peanut butter produced is completely natural because it is not made with additives/preservatives.

Growell Ready-to-eat

Growell Whole Foods Pondok Indah

Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner are possible to be healthy and tasty. Growell ready-to-eat menu is all macro counted with balanced nutrition, consisting of organic & hydroponic vegetables, greens, and local fruits. Vegetables grown using hydroponic media are often known as the best and freshest quality ingredients in Indonesia.

This is part of Growell Whole Foods’ commitment to helping sustain the livelihoods and well-being of local farmers and UMKM entrepreneurs, as we thrive to have a long-term positive impact on communities, consumers and the planet.

Our Healing Vibes – Dining Area

Outdoor Area

Healthy dine-in at Growell is now possible! You are welcome to grab any food and mood booster beverage like smoothies or cold-pressed or even to stop by & recharge with jamu or our plant-based coffee in this outlet. Chill and enjoy your day on their breezy outdoor area while enjoying your healthy food for a moment. Enjoy your afternoon chill to sunset and talk with your loved ones. Being healthy and happy at the same time? Why not? It is very possible at Growell Whole Foods.

Jl. Metro Pondok Indah No.17, Jakarta 12310, Indonesia
Phone: +6281283833308
Instagram: @growellwholefoods