Still in the celebration of National Batik Day happened last October 2nd, Tauzia Hotels in Jakarta, Bekasi, and Bogor organized The Colors of Tauzia on October 27th at the Textile Museum Jakarta. Instead of being showcased the colors of Tauzia Hotels, Participants of this event had the opportunity to join in various interesting activities.

The event started with a museum tour where participants were shown Indonesia’s cultural heritage in the form of various textiles, from woven fabrics to batik. As well as the history of textile making in Indonesia when only natural materials were used. Following the tour, the next activity was Batik workshop. Guided by the museum facilitator, all participants were taught on how to traditionally make a handmade batik. Finish with the draft-drawing using liquid wax, the fabric then colored and dried below the sunlight.

While waiting for the Batik fabric dried, the workshop continued to Shibori-making. The facilitator gave each of the participants a package, contains plain white fabric and tools to make Shibori patterns. For the Shibori, participants were able to choose four colors which the colors of Tauzia Hotels, green, yellow, orange, and purple. During the event, there was also a Fashion Show by Days by Danar Hadi and Make Up bazaar by Mustika Ratu. Participants also got the chance to receive door prizes from HARRIS Vertu Harmoni, Pesona Alam Resorts & Spa, HARRIS Suites fX Sudirman Jakarta, HARRIS Sentul City, HARRIS Bekasi, HARRIS Kelapa Gading, HARRIS Tebet, YELLO Harmoni, and YELLO Manggarai. This event was supported by Museum Tekstil Jakarta, Danar Hadi, and Mustika Ratu.