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8 Best Mexican Restaurants in Jakarta

If you are a big fan yet still having troubles finding that good plate of enchiladas in the city, here is our top pick of some of the best Mexican places in Jakarta.

9 Best Jogging Tracks in Jakarta

Jogging every day is good for your body and mind. These 9 best jogging track in Jakarta will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Best Local Organic Skin Care Products

We love the increasing option of locally-crafted quality beauty products that we can get in Indonesia. Here, we list some of our favorites that you can get just a phone or a click away.

9 Best Dessert Places in Jakarta

The lookout for the best dessert is always fun, as a new place always brings us new sweet memories. Ice cream, chocolate, éclair, bubble tea; find them all in our list of Best Dessert Place in Jakarta.
Recommended Dentists for Expats in Jakarta

13 Recommended Dentists for Expats in Jakarta

Taking care of dental health is very important. But have you found one that really understands and takes good care of your needs? This is a list of dentists recommended by expats in Jakarta.

6 Best Indian Restaurants in Jakarta

Indian restaurants are relatively easy to find in Jakarta. But which one is the best?! Here is our recommendation for best Indian restaurants in Jakarta.

Party Supply Stores & Decorators in Jakarta

Planning a party but can’t find that perfect streamers and balloons? Here are a list of party decoration suppliers you can try.

9 Best Sandwiches in Jakarta

Most sandwich lovers would agree that making a good sandwich is an art form of its own, where much care is put into taste, texture, and creating the experience of a satisfying meal. Here are some places where you can have the best sandwiches in Jakarta.
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