Best Pizza Places in Jakarta

Either for an authentic Italian, New Yorker-style, to some fusions, Jakarta offers you places to enjoy slices of pizza. We

15 Best Burgers in Jakarta

Seen in picture (left to right): Ask For Patty, Le Burger & Lawless Burger Bar Best burgers in Jakarta? The

“Berangkat Dari Sebuah Lagu”

One year after the past away of Glenn Fredly’s has become a history of grief for Indonesian musicians. His body

Online Groceries in Jakarta

As the traffic grows thicker, more Jakartans have resorted to online services to save time. From clothes, food, computers, to groceries. This is the era of clicking away for everything. We compile a number of online grocery shops that enable you to browse for products on your screen, instead of the aisle.  Meat? Click. Tomato? Click. Shampoo? Click!

6 Things to Do During Imlek in Jakarta

Chinese New Year or also widely known amongst Jakartans as Imlek is one of the biggest celebrations in the city,

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