PergiKuliner Festival Kekinian(Hidden Garden)

Prepare yourself for a fairy tale adventure at the “Hidden Garden” Contemporary Culinary Festival Save the date and place below!Date:


IFEX 22 is ready to welcome visitors from all over the world, professionally managed to gather a good crowd by

Ultimate Guide to Italian Restaurants in Jakarta

There is a wide range of Italian restaurants in Jakarta, and this recommendation will help you decide where you will find your favourite Italian food in the city.

Best International Medical Clinics in Jakarta

The approach to the provision of medical care to both the population and the individual is quite different in Indonesia to what you may be used to. Here is the list of the recommended medical specialist in Jakarta.

10 Places to Shop for Batik in Jakarta

Batik is one of Indonesia's textile art that celebrates the traditional craft of resist dyeing using wax and (ideally) natural dye.

Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Jakarta

What started as a British ritual of socializing over snacks and tea, a bridge between meals lunch and supper, the idea

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