Every end of the academic year, Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village holds three different awards which comprised of Sports, Music, and Academic Awards. These awards are held to recognize students who excel in each respective field. As a school that promotes holistic approach on education, we do not only recognize students who get the best results in their academics, but also those who demonstrate passion, dedication, and contribution in sports and music as well.

In Academic and Music Awards, each school subject, musical instrument, and other branches of arts have its own award. For example, Academic Awards has awards for Mathematics, Humanities, Biblical Studies, and other subjects. On the other hand, Music Awards gives awards to students who excel in piano, band, string or traditional musical instruments, and ballet. For Sports Awards, there is an award for each sports branch, e.g. soccer, badminton, basketball, athletics and many more.

These can give an opportunity for recognition for students who excel more in one field than the other. Some students excel more in science than sports, while others can be vice versa. Some students are truly passionate and talented in music, but not in mathematics. But there are also some students who excel in multiple fields at once.

Aside from that, as what Mr. Phillip Nash mentioned in his speech, the most important thing is not only achievements or end-results but also, mostly, it is about students’ improvement throughout the year. Improvement and progress are more important than the end results. Hence, SPH also gives a special award category for students who have improved throughout the process, which called “The Most Improved Award”.

Last but not least, the Outstanding Service Award recognizes students who demonstrate a servant’s heart, always putting others ahead; selfless, loving, and caring. That service may be highly visible, but we also seek to identify service that sometimes goes unnoticed, whether on or off campus. In this award, we want to honor service done by the students that are given naturally, joyfully, and lovingly.

What we celebrate in these awards is mostly students’ hard work and effort to really make an improvement in all fields that they are engaged in, both in academics and non-academics field. As our Senior School Principal, Mr. Douglas Zylstra, had put it, the end goal is not only recognition, but to grow in True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, and Godly Character.

Watch 2019 SPH Awards Video Highlight here