Recently, the Sinarmas World Academy Elementary School (ES) Makers Club has been constructing their own miniature motor boats. The challenge was to construct a boat capable of crossing the school pool. The students were paired up, with one member of each pair working to connect the wiring of the complex motors, and the other member designing and constructing the hull of each boat.

After each boat was completed, the ES Makers headed out to test their designs. Remarkably, one pair of students managed to cross the pool on their first attempt!

At Sinarmas World Academy, our ICT Robotics Programme starts as early as the PreK Level. Students at such a young age get to explore different technologies, which helps them further develop their logical thinking and simple programming skills. The level of difficulty and ICT programme adjusts as they move up to Elementary School levels. All this aims to equip our students to be skillful in tackling the challenges of the ever changing world. Visit our website for more information