The PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restriction) policy requires students to learn from home. However, this does not lessen the opportunity for prospective college students to prepare themselves for the UTBK (Ujian Tulis Berbasis Komputer) or Computer-Based Writing Exams. SIAPPTN, an online learning site, collaborates with President University to facilitate them before taking on the exam. Simultaneously, both of these institutions will increase the students’ ability in solving the UTBK problems or questions through the Tryout Akbar SIAPPTN 2020.

The Tryout Akbar SIAPPTN 2020 will be held online on 10-14 June 2020 through the website The questions are TPS ( Tes Potensi Skolastik) questions which consist of general reasoning, general knowledge and understanding, reading and writing comprehension, and quantitative knowledge. The Tryout Akbar SIAPPTN 2020 participants will be targeted at 100,000 people throughout Indonesia. This event will also donate part of the profits from the registration fee to people affected by COVID-19.

“SIAPPTN conducts free UTBK Tryout every month and has been participated by prospective college students with an average of 25,000 participants in each Tryout. At this Tryout Akbar SIAPPTN aims to facilitate the students to measure and improve their abilities in facing the UTBK exam. In addition, the spirit we also want to bring through this event is to campaign #TOSambilDonasi. Hopefully, this Tryout Akbar SIAPPTN 2020 can involve prospective college students to jointly relieve the burden of the Indonesian people affected by COVID-19,” said M. Zulfikar Meylendra, CEO of SIAPPTN. He adds, with a target of 100,000 participants, Tryout Akbar SIAPPTN 2020 is expected to provide a picture that is close to the actual UTBK exam. As an effort to increase the spirit of learning and competition, SIAPPTN in collaboration with President University will also give prizes to the participants in the form of cash and scholarships to study at President University. The total prize is worth IDR 10 billion for 30 participants with the best tryout score.

SIAPPTN is an online learning site that helps prospective college students prepare for the entrance examinations of state universities. The highlighted SIAPPTN’s program is a Tryout with a rationalization of score that can be used as an illustration of whether or not the students are accepted at the desired university and department.