SHIFT Indonesia will hold the 2018 Indonesia Operational Excellence Conference and Award or OPEXCON 2018 on November 7 at The Ritz Carlton, Jakarta. OPEXCON is an event organized by SHIFT Indonesia as a platform to sharpen operational excellence. In the seventh year of the organization, OPEXCON will raise the theme “Agility, Customer Centricity, and Operational Transformation in VUCA World”. This topic was chosen to help industries in Indonesia be better prepared in facing the era of VUCA (Volatile, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) which is complete with turmoil and uncertainty.

As we put out technology and the immense digitalization in the industrial world. For example, the presence of a technology-based business platform. They use data and technology without having to have large tangible assets. They managed to present a new model that has the speed and agility of innovation in it. This encourages business people to adapt and use a new mindset.

“OPEXCON 2018 will bring business leaders in Indonesia who have built methods or systems to adapt to the VUCA era. Therefore all companies in Indonesia who want to know the solution are obliged to be present at OPEXCON 2018,” said Ferdinan Hasiholan, Chairman of SHIFT Indonesia.

In addition, SHIFT Indonesia will also give awards to private companies and state-owned enterprises that are able to do and improve the profitability of the company. For information, every year SHIFT Indonesia organizes improvement projects in the field of improvement. This year, the final explorer of the OPEXCON Project was held on 9-11 October 2018. “The existence of OPEXCON is proof that companies in Indonesia continue to carry out processes and systems on an ongoing basis. Therefore OPEXCON gives awards to companies that make improvements individually and individually,” said Ferdinand.