Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Village once again holds the Applied Science Academy (ASA) Exhibition where students from Grade 10-12 showcase their scientific research and projects. This year’s ASA exhibition features 27 students’ projects from various fields such as Aeronautics, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Environmental Studies, Renewable Energy, Geospatial, and many more.

Since 2018, the Applied Science Academy (ASA) has offered an enrichment afterschool activity for students with an authentic exposure to advanced scientific research and applied science for high school students, mentored by professors or university lecturers as well as experts, and supported by science lab facilities with cutting edge technology. With a vision to produce young Indonesian scientists and innovators, this program has birthed more than 50 scientific projects from 56 students and held its first exhibition in 2019.

After three years of hiatus due to the pandemic, the ASA Exhibition can again be held physically, where each student can display and explain their work directly to the audience. Director of ASA, Dr. Eden Steven who is an Indonesian researcher and scientist who holds a Ph.D. from Florida State University, commended students’ hard work.

“There is this feeling of happiness and awe that words cannot describe when I reflect on the hardship and persistence of our students and mentors during the last three years, where they continue to push forward their research projects amid non-ideal situations and very dynamic challenges. This year we continue to witness highly original research works from biomaterials development, computer science, robotics, renewables, and a new field in our academy, geospatial sciences,” said Dr. Eden Steven.

More than just discovering new things in science, the projects also seek to tackle real problems in society and improve people’s livelihood. These findings and products were designed to solve specific problems, such as energy resources scarcity, limited access to medical equipment in remote areas, microplastic pollution, and so on.

“For example, one of the students made a tool to capture vibration energy and turn it into electric power as an alternative energy source technology that is rarely found. Another student created an app to provide navigation assistance to visually impaired individuals,” added Dr. Steven.

In President Joko Widodo’s speech in 2019, he emphasized his priority to develop excellent human resources who are skilled in science and technology. SPH continues to support this vision and make this ideal reality by preparing and shaping competent young people, one of which is through the Applied Science Academy (ASA) program.

SPH’s Applied Science Academy provides a platform for students to develop themselves into young scientists by conducting in-depth research, innovating, and contributing to the advancement of science. This unique program encourages students to love science, teaches the value of responsibility and how to become ethical scientists, and broadens students’ horizons as they take the role in solving national and global problems through science and technology.

“Their work with the support of university and research center mentors is truly amazing – original, out-of-the-box, and of the highest quality. It’s a highlight of each year to be able to engage with our students and see their passion for science and investigation into novel and complex challenges facing our world,” said Gregg Thompson as the Head of School of SPH Village.

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