Music is one of the best channels to connect people from different backgrounds and places. Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Lippo Village alongside with many other schools celebrated the wonder of music in All Jakarta Honor Orchestra (AJHO) 2018. This year, SPH Lippo Village had the privilege to host the event.

AJHO is a music festival for selected students from schools and institutions around Jakarta. Founded in 2012, the aim of this music festival is to build new friendships from different schools through music and for participants to experience performing in a large string orchestra.

There were 197 students participated in the orchestra from 15 different schools including Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Jakarta Intercultural School, British School Jakarta, Bina Bangsa, and many more. In this year’s AJHO, we had Suharto Ginting, Gonzalo Simo, Yandri Enang and Therese Wirakesuma who served as the conductors for junior students’ group. We also had a privilege to have Eric Awuy, as the trumpet soloist and the conductor for senior students’ group orchestra.

Eric Awuy is a prominent, Swiss-born trumpeter who had been involved in numerous symphony orchestras and travelled around the world. Since 1994, he stayed in Indonesia and involved in several Indonesian symphony orchestras such as Erwin Gutawa Orchestra, Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra, and many more. He also discovered his passion and talent in conducting as well.

From J. S. Bach and Antonio Vivaldi to contemporary composer such as Mark Williams and Alan Lee Silva, students performed many music compositions beautifully and harmoniously. Last but not least, the concert was ended by the witty-and-slightly-humorous composition by Richard Meyer, “The Sound of Sound”. Families and teachers were enjoying the concert so much.

We are grateful for the success of this event, and we hope that our students continue to develop their musical talents and the musical collaboration between schools.

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