Commemorating Earth Day which falls  on April 22, Sejauh Mata Memandang (SMM) launches the 2019 summer collection with the theme of Laut Kita (Our Sea). SMM also held an exhibition and design installation with the same theme at Plaza Indonesia, Level 2 from 22 April – 16 June 2019. The exhibition is a collaborative project with Felix Tjahyadi as the conceptor of the exhibition as well as Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik (Indonesia Diet for Plastic Bags Movement). The event presents photography and video works from several artists, such as Jay Subyakto, Davy Linggar, Jez O’Hare, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Nicholas Saputra, and Tulus.

Chitra Subyakto - Founder & Creative Director SMM
Chitra Subyakto – Founder & Creative Director SMM

Each collection of SMM tells a different story. Translated from several important components, the combination of beauty, culture, design, artist’s expertise, and production processes that consider the environmental impacts. Laut Kita collection symbolizes a prayer and concrete action to thank the earth. This collection raises the motifs sea flowers and ripples of waves at the edges of the ocean in natural colors, such as indigo, pink, red, and white pastels. The technique used to create the motif is the batik technique and hand screen printing by local craftsmen.

Through this Laut Kita collection, SMM cooperates with Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik (GIDKP) to invite people to wisely using plastic bags. Indonesia is one of the 5 largest contributors to plastic waste in the world, 3,200,000 tons of plastic waste every year which is dumped into the Indonesian sea. About 1,400 – 1,600 tons of plastic waste are disposed every day, such as plastic cutlery, plastic packaging, plastic bags, plastic bottles, straws, and other types of disposable plastic. Of course this fact makes us have to move. Not only presenting statistical data but there must be concrete steps to make people aware and begin to change. GIDKP is a national community whose mission is to invite people to wisely using plastic bags, by consistently educating the community through social media or directly.

In addition to displaying design installations, the exhibition will also sell Sejauh Mata Memandang and environmentally friendly products. The proceeds from the sale of environmentally friendly products will be channeled to plastic-free education programs at schools in the coastal areas of Indonesia. Every purchaser of the product from Sejauh Mata Memandang will also get a package of bamboo straws along with their cleaners as participation in supporting the marine campaign.