Open for business in Indonesia since 2002, the network of global Italian coffee shops Segafredo Zanetti Espresso announces its new face with the name and refreshing new look, namely Segafredo Cafe & Bar. This latest display can now be found at its outlets in Kota Kasablanka Lantai Dasar, South Jakarta. This outlet has 20 indoor seating areas and 15 outdoor seats. By continuing to offer authentic Italian coffee variants, Segafredo is now reaching a wider segment by serving a variety of complete drinks, ranging from cocktails, wine, gin, whiskey, rum, and vodka.

This update by Segafredo is basically in line with the development of urban lifestyles that require a relaxing space to spend the night with spouses and coworkers. Moreover, the hybrid concept promoted by Segafredo, which combines coffee shops with bars, is becoming a trend in the world food & beverage industry. In the midst of a busy routine and high mobility, the public wants a place that is able to meet their leisure needs, from the morning, noon, evening.

PT Deli Boga Rasa’s Co-Founder & CMO Sasha Safira, a company that manages and owns Segafredo franchise rights in Indonesia commented, sipping coffee is the right choice for office workers to start their activities in the morning or when conducting business meetings in the afternoon. “However, at night, the working class needs space that can make the atmosphere more fluid. Because of that, we come with a bar concept, “said Sasha when opening her first grand launching of Segafredo Cafe & Bar.

The cafe & bar concept is also increasingly strengthened with the support of complete food offerings, ranging from aperitivo (appetizer), primo (main), and dolce (cover). Segafredo also takes advantage of the expertise of seasoned chefs who have been concocting fusion-style menus, aka combining European culinary treasures with Asia.

Not Just a Bar

What’s unique about Segafredo Cafe & Bar is the presence of the signature cocktail ‘Segafredo Episodio’ which is specially formulated by talented mixologist hands and is difficult to find at any bar in Jakarta. For example, Freddo Jelly Shot. This is a Signature Special drink made specifically for connoisseurs of cocktail type drinks. Not only you can enjoy this drink alone, but your friends can enjoy it because it is included in the Sharing Cocktail category.

Freddo Jelly Shot is a very unique and interesting cocktail in terms of presentation and presentation where there is a side-dish in the form of jelly made with tequila mixes, especially for Instagrammers who usually post their shots and upload them to social media.

Apart from its unique and attractive appearance and presentation, this cocktail is made from selected ingredients that can spoil the tongue for drinkers. The basic ingredients of the spirit of alcohol from this cocktail use tequila, which is mixed with coffee liqueur and liquid cream so that this drink becomes very soft and smooth when in the mouth.

There is also Segafredo Crunch, an innovative dessert cocktail where customers enjoy cocktails like consuming cereal. The difference is that milk, which is usually poured into a cup of crunchy wheat grains, is replaced with the basic spirit of Vodka mixed with cacao white liqueur accompanied by vanilla ice cream which adds to the freshness of the drink. Interesting right? This drink can also be shared with your friends or partner.

It’s not complete if a Cafe & Bar does not serve coffee-based liquor drinks. Chocolate Oz is a cocktail based on the spirit of vanilla Vodka alcohol, which is mixed with coffee liqueur and cacao brown liqueur (chocolate liqueur). What’s interesting about this cocktail is that it is made from a combination of alcohol with espresso Segafredo, one of the best and most delicious coffees in the world. The mixture of coffee flavor in this drink is guaranteed to make someone stay awake when night falls.

Septian, Segafredo Cafe & Bar mixologist said, cocktail menus refer to the essence of the drink, which is made to be enjoyed by the audience slowly. The variety of cocktails must be adapted to the character of the customers who come to the bar. “That’s where mixologists are challenged to mix drinks that are not only blended on the customer’s tongue but also visually beautiful because cocktail shows the personality of the audience,” he explained.

For stomach business, many delicious menus can be ordered by customers. Like Truffle Garlic Butter Rice; a mixture of garlic butter rice combined with beef, a short sliced portion and served with a side-dish in the form of a salad. All cooked using truffle oil and ending with a sprinkling of truffle zest. Taste? The savory rice is so fitting with the texture of fibrous meat.

The price of a cocktail at Segafredo & Bar ranges from Rp. 85,000 to Rp. 250,000. While for the food menu, the price given is around Rp. 200,000 for two people. While a cup of coffee ranges from Rp. 20,000 – Rp. 70,000.

Sasha added, after carrying out the grand launching of Segafredo Cafe & Bar in Kota Kasablanka, it had renovated and opened a store with the same concept at another outlet. Kemang Village outlets have been operating while Gandaria City will be opened soon. “We want to be the new barometer in the world of Indonesia F & B for the concept of a coffee shop and one-stop bar. “We also open opportunities for entrepreneurs to join in raising the famous Segafredo brand in Indonesia,” concluded the 25-year-old young woman.