As an aromatic wellness destination, Rumah Atsiri decided to expand the spirit of aromatic wellness outside Central Java. Jakarta is the main destination because as a bustling capital city, balancing the health of the body, mind, and soul is a necessity for its citizens in the midst of their daily activities. Rumah Atsiri also wants to be closer and make it easier for Jakarta residents to access aromatic experiences, especially for the younger audience. For these reasons, Rumah Atsiri opened Atsiri diSarinah which is a miniature of the Tawangmangu’s Rumah Atsiri to the center of Jakarta.

Mini Museum

Located on the 5th floor of the Sarinah shopping center, Atsiri diSarinah was born as an aromatic wellness playground and a miniature of Rumah Atsiri with a more youthful, playful, and experimental character. In an area of ​​300 square meters, Atsiri diSarinah strives to bring an aromatic wellness experience through the integration of three units such as Atsiri Eat (restaurants), Atsiri Mini Museum (mini-sized aromatherapy museums), and also Atsiri Shop.

Atsiri Eat is a destination for diners seeking a healthy dining experience. A choice of set menus or a la carte menus will come with organic and healthy menus that are carefully prepared according to the wellness plate ratio.

Atsiri Eat

The mini-museum will present interactive experiences with essential oil education areas, personal aromas, video mapping of flowers and plants to the Aura room where visitors can ‘see’ the aroma of essential plants.

Atsiri Shop will sell products that support aromatic wellness, such as hand sanitizers, essential oils, body care, tea, and knick-knacks. This area also allows visitors to make their own product mix according to their personality and preferences.

The concept of sustainability is also presented through the use of existing furniture which is the result of recycled HDPE plastic, ranging from restaurant chairs, dining trays, to several in-store displays.

Atsiri Shop

Formerly, Rumah Atsiri was a Citronella Factory which was established at the foot of Mount Lawu in 1963, as the largest distillery in Asia. The initial dream was to make Indonesia a producer of essential oils to be reckoned with in the global industry. Until finally in 2018, the Citronella Factory was turned into Rumah Atsiri consisting of various essential oil educational facilities and a garden with 80 types of plants, greenhouses, production farms, to nursery areas. Thus, the presence of Atsiri diSarinah is more than just educating urban residents about quality Indonesian essential oils, but is also expected to encourage the growth of local products and the Indonesian economy.

Aura Room

Sarinah Building Level 5
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.11, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
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