Staying at Kosenda Hotel will certainly not be complete if you don’t enjoy a meal at Waha Kitchen. Located on the ground floor of the hotel, this restaurant comes with a minimalist interior concept plus a touch of comedy-themed monochrome murals. As for the food menu, Waha Kitchen comes with Indonesian and Peranakan specialties which will bring a nostalgic atmosphere. All the menu in this restaurant also plated by notable Melbourne and Sidney restaurateur of 25 years.

waha kitchen
Waha Kitchen

During my staycation at Kosenda Hotel, I surely did not miss to enjoy the restaurant delectable dishes. At that time, I was presented with three menus which were the highlighted ones from Waha Kitchen. First is the restaurant’s signature also the must-try dish, Laksa. It is a bowl of noodles that swim in fragrant coconut curry broths and are topped with seafood or roast duck, chicken, or vegetables. I tried the roast duck topping, combined with egg noodle, mee-hoon, beans, eggplant, and fried tofu. This dish has a slightly thick curry sauce which is balanced with boiled eggplant and beans. It might look like a heavy and spicy dish, but the Waha Kitchen version of Laksa features more savory flavors, with a hint of sweet and spicy taste.

Waha Kitchen
Nasi Goreng Indonesia Hebat

In addition to serving delicious Peranakan specialties, this restaurant also successfully highlighted the taste of Nusantara in some of its dishes. One of them is the Nasi Goreng Indonesia Hebat or literally translated as Great Indonesian Fried Rice that I also tried. It is a kampung-style fried rice served with seafood, such as spicy anchovies also deep-fried squids and prawns. The plus is this signature dish also served with pickles and Indonesian-style Sambal Balacan which improves the quality of the taste of fried rice itself.

Waha Kitchen
Broccoli Tofu

Waha Kitchen also has several vegetable dishes and the one I tried was Broccoli Tofu. Judging by the visual appearance alone, this dish already looks tempting and pretty. Waha Kitchen’s Broccoli Tofu is specially made of Japanese tofu topped with mashed-broccoli and cooked in an oyster sauce and mixed mushroom. The tofu has a crispy texture on the outside, while the softness of Japanese tofu texture remains consistent on the inside and melts in the mouth. Accentuating savory flavors, this dish is a perfect mate with white rice.

Waha Kitchen
Iced Lemongrass Tea

After eating a delicious meal above, the fresh Iced Lemongrass Tea completed my eating experience in Waha Kitchen. This restaurant also comes with a variety of lunch promotions which you can immediately check on its official accounts.

Waha Kitchen at Kosenda Hotel
Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim 127, Kb. Kacang, Jakarta Pusat 10240
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Phone: (021) 31936868
Instagram: kosendahotel
Facebook: Kosenda Hotel Jakarta