If you crave for a plate of lavish steak in Jakarta with affordable price, then you should come to The Cutt Grill. Experience the finest quality of meat and other humble yet delectable dishes in this grill house. Each of the dishes also comes up with freshest ingredients. We came and we proved that The Cutt Grill House is a well recommended and worthy grill house in Jakarta.

Entering the restaurant, we were greeted by this rustic industrial theme interior. A true reflection of creativity that combines modern lifestyle and wooden ancient way. We could feel the elegant ambiance, yet it is still comfortable and modest. The Cutt Grill House is not only perfect to dig in a great steak, but also warm enough for you to have a casual romantic dinner, gathering with your squad, or even a family dinner. The place also presents an acoustic live music every Monday and Wednesday from 7.30 pm to 10 pm and full-band live music every last Friday of the month.

Caesar Salad

Moving on to the menu, we tried three of the restaurant’s highlighted dishes. We started with the classic Caesar Salad. It contains fresh lettuce, baby tomatoes, sliced black olive, cubes of garlic bread, sliced parmesan, and boiled eggs, with mayonnaise dressing. As this place is a grill house, the Caesar salad is given a little twist by using a grilled breast chicken. The salad also comes with a generous portion, so do not mind to share it if you want a light starter.

The Hulk Sirloin

Contented with the salad, we continued to the ace of the menu, The Hulk Sirloin. It was a real definition of sumptuous steak with juicy and perfectly moist meat. We had a medium-well one, so we could still taste the tenderness of the meat while savoring the slight crunchiness of the edge of it. One of the major excellences of this restaurant is that all the steaks are seasoned authentically through its wood-grilled technique. As well as using less oil to prevent the greasiness of the meat. Our 400 grams steak was accompanied with a flavourful and abundant amount of french fries and side dish contains broccoli, cucumber, and carrot cooked with butter. For the sauce, there are around 10 choices as we chose the classic BBQ sauce.