Purana born from the creation of young talented designer Nonita Respati. She began her career as a fashion editor and made her capture all the beautiful moments of fashion and understand various styles and trendy motifs. Created the fashion label PURANA, which is known to love exploring and modernizing Indonesian handmade fabric. As well as giving space to collaborate with batik artisans to describe spring/summer lines of bamboo streaks, gerbera flowers, wave motifs, and banana leaves.

Presenting  30 looks, this collection consists of outerwear, dresses, and tops, inspired by puzzle shapes. Also, a number of lounge sets that are increasingly prevalent for travelers, such as shirts and loose pants with matching motifs. The motifs for the Purana lounge set collection this season were specially designed by Yogyakarta duo artists, Putud Utama and Rara Kuastra from Tempa, bringing up the theme of Indonesian flora and fauna.

The beautiful motifs such as “Teapot Blirik”, day motif (white background) with the beauty of the rising sun, chirping and dancing birds in the air and night motif (black background) with a picture of the moon and stars, is giving a touch of the beauty of the silence of the night. Among the several looks displayed, the key items showed are black and white top with kimono accents, and functional black and white dress for those who like the simple style with a proportional twist.

For Nonita, the designer, Purana is wearable art, always opens the opportunity to collaborate with local fabric artists and craftsmen who make weaving, batik and jumps by hand. Materials such as fine cotton, breathable denim, to cupro from the Bemberg label from Japan, are soft, cool, but quite warm when worn in cold air. Reliability Purana also creates multi-sizing and multi-styling concepts that remain strong in this collection, including fashion elements that can change shape, style, and function.

Took a place at Satoo Garden, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta (10/2), The Purana Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion show is beautified with the Amero Jewelry collection. These two brands will also collaborate for a Fashion show in Paris, showcasing 10 sets of collaborative collections in September 2020.

By: Yana Gophar