Local fashion brand PURANA keeps moving forward with its signature collaborations involving local brands, whether fashion or non-fashion.

For the fashion label PURANA, the Ramadan month is always the right moment to launch its resort collection which is highly wearable for Eid al-Fitr celebration. The brand has eventually rolled out the collection on the third week of April, exclusively on the event of Tokopedia Fashion Week, which ran from April 14 to 18.

Those who are rooting for comfortable but stylish pieces -PURANA style- shall expect to find such items as wide pants, oversized shirt, mini dress, outer, and kaftan dresses in several shades of earthy colors such as dark olive, mustard, and khaki.

The various fashion items are also highly comfortable to wear, as they are made from a combination of viscose and cotton fiber that is soft and breathable.

Also in this collection, PURANA stays true to its character which is always open to well-curated collaborations with other brands. And in this Ramadan month when people are likely to send gifts to each other, PURANA collaborates with Indonesian chocolate brand Pipiltin Cocoa.

The collaboration materializes in several items of the whole PURANA Resort 2021 collection, in which images and design from a Pipiltin Cocoa chocolate packaging are translated into. The design used for collaboration with PURANA is derived from the packaging of one of Pipiltin Cocoa’s single-origin chocolate bars, namely the East Java.

For those who have eyes on the collection, the East Java motif from Pipiltin Cocoa could be found in PURANA Resort 2021’s outer and wide pants, just to name a few.

Meanwhile, “fast-moving” fashion enthusiasts getting their hands on the Resort 2021 are eligible for PURANA X Pipiltin Cocoa gift box for purchases during Ramadan, and there are also cashback promo and shipping fee discount, all for purchases at PURANA Official Store at Tokopedia.

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