As the owner of Kosenda Hotel, Maya Kosenda is juggling between an owner-operator of her businesses, as well as a mother of two kids. The very humble lady shared to us her inspiring work ethic, also how she enjoys her free time in her home in Melbourne.

Hi, Mrs. Maya! Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful hotel. We loved it! Could you tell us on how you came up with the idea of building this unique and eclectic hotel?

Glad you liked it! Actually, the original plan for this building was not for a hotel, but for the office of me and Mr. Konsenda’s business. After many considerations and discussions, we thought that the building is more suitable for a hotel. At that time, we had no background at all in hospitality and F&B business. We build this hotel just based on our huge interest in architecture and interior design. But, we attempted to give this hospitality business a try and I can say we made it.

How about the whole concept of this hotel?

So, when we set up this hotel, me and Mr. Ruben Kosenda thought of taking cultural elements in the city where the hotel was located. Kosenda Hotel then took the elements of Betawi culture, which is the concept of its traditional house. Thus, you can see this hotel has a parallelogram shape which is a distinctive style of traditional Betawi house architecture. That’s the initial concept. But to make this hotel has its own characteristic, we combine that concept with a touch of the mid-century impression. That’s the reason you can see some vintage furniture in this hotel. It is also to remind Jakarta in the 60s and 70s era.

What prospective plan you have for Kosenda Hotel?

Kosenda Hotel is not under international management. So, I aim to make this hotel stands out with its unique charm. Either people will like it, or not at all. Hahaha. But, as we run this hotel for years, we mostly received good feedback. It makes us continue. We believe that the hotel has its own market and we will stick with it. For the future plan, we’re planning to make Kosenda not only strict to a hotel but also a mix-used space.

Do you have an agenda to expand your business in hospitality?

Sure. I’m planning to build our next hotel in Bali and already in the process of developing the concept. The concept will be different from Kosenda Hotel, yet still with the same intention as Kosenda. Rather than building a grant hotel, we prefer to provide a hotel that has good harmony with its surroundings and culture. Hope this plan will be realized very soon.

Other than Konsenda Hotel, you also run another business. Could you give us a glimpse of it?

Me and Mr. Kosenda are also developing the Kayu Kayu Restaurant located in Serpong, Tangerang. But, our main business is actually in wholesale textile. We distribute our developed-product of textile to the wholesale market and garment. Kosenda Hotel also has a conjunction with our textile business through its fabric uses in the hotel. For example, the bathrobe equipped in every room, as well as the cushion cover as you may see in the lobby.

As the leader of your team, what kind of work ethic you applied to yourself and your staffs?

Probably because I live in Melbourne, I learn a lot from Australian people. I see many Australian business owners are setting their position not only as an owner, but also operator. This is what I always try to do as a leader. I believe that involving directly on the floor is fundamental while leading my team to success. Me and Mr. Kosenda really put our hands on managing this hotel, even for the simplest detail. From making the whole concept to arranging the flower for the hotel. I also encourage the staff to do the same and able to multi-task. For example, not only serving but also greeting the customers or having a short chat with them.

Besides being a businesswoman, you’re also a mother. How do you have your me-time while juggling between those two jobs?

Well, usually I have more time in Melbourne, than in Jakarta. Coming to this city, what I mostly do is work. So, not much free time to even have a me-time. But in Melbourne, I actually have a more ease routine. My kids are all grown up as the youngest is already in his senior year in high school. So, I would have more time to do exercise at the gym, running or walking on the street, or having a coffee. Thanks to Melbourne’s beautiful city and fresh air, I also could spend more time outside.

Do you like traveling? How do you choose your hotel while traveling out of the city or abroad?

Yes, I do love traveling. For the hotel, I always try to find a hotel with unique concept. A place where the culture, environment, elegance, and comfort are in harmonious unity. My favorite place so far is Bhutan. Me and my husband were staying at this really beautiful hotel. Sorry, I cannot remember the name. It’s not a big hotel actually, but so captivating. Merge perfectly with the surroundings. Barcelona is also a memorable one for me.

How do you see yourself in five years?

Retired? Hahaha… Anyway, developing our new hotel in Bali is one of my main future plan.

Well then, good luck for your plans. Thank you for having us! 

You’re very welcome!

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