Officially established in 2012, HIM Hospitality is an emerging Hotel Management Company that manages a group of hotels and resorts in Indonesia. The company is a transformation from PT. Sparks International that had been in the hospitality industry since 2004 with Sparks Hotel Mangga Besar, Jakarta. 

Currently, the hotel manages 4 hotels: Sparks Life Jakarta, Spark Odeon Sukabumi, Sparks Convention Lampung, and De Paviljoen Bandung. In November this year, the group is planning to open another one to their portfolio, Sparks Forest Adventure, Sukabumi that will be a major destination to the area. 

What’s New Jakarta recently spoke to Andreas Bindoan the hotel’s Managing Director that lends his decades of professional experience to the expanding business, to talk about HIM’s future plans, such as the most upcoming project: Sparks Forest Adventure.  

What can we look forward to Sparks Forest Adventure? 

Sparks Forest Adventure is going to be HIM’s first recreational park project that centralizes entertainment and accommodation facilities that spans over 8.5 hectare of land. It is going to be a recreational park that offers one of a kind accommodation options that include tree houses, camping, glamping, as well as supporting activities and facilities that include games, outbound, water-park. We are even going to have a mini zoo dome in the park, all managed by HIM. 

Who are HIM’s target markets? 

For our hotel in Jakarta, our target is obviously business and MICE. Before the re-branding, Sparks Mangga Besar used to be a hotel that also offer entertainment facilities, spa, club. etc. But in 2012, the hotel underwent a massive renovation that transformed the entertainment facilities into MICE facilities. There’s a lot of things to explore in the area too; other than the notorious ‘entertainment’ , but also its street food, restaurant, shopping, entertainment.

Why did the company underwent the transformation? 

We wanted to grow bigger into a bonafide hotel management company, where we are going to manage other people’s property. To do that, we want future investors to have complete trust in us. To do that, we must ensure that we present ourselves as a relatable and reliable company, with good business conducts. 

What is HIM hotels’ identity?

You will see that at the moment, we want to focus more on growing or second cities because we would like to be the pioneer and to grow together with the city. Investors used to only go for developed cities, but now second cities are growing more rapidly; take a look at the development of  Bekasi, Serpong, Tangerang, etc.

What are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned in the business?

The business has changed a lot.  Hotel is no longer a luxury, where people stay in during  vacation. It is now a bare necessity as we become more mobile. Where there’s a flow or traffic of people, hotels will be needed. As basic as food. 

What are the challenges you’re facing? 

To be a pioneer is a good thing. But it also comes with a big task of educating people. Like in Bandar Jaya, Lampung where we recently opened a hotel. For the locals, hotel still has ugly connotations. Any kind of place where you can rent nightly is called a hotel, even kost. And to be the most sophisticated hotel in the city, means we have to educate the locals what a real hotel is. Our welcoming and spacious lobby, our restaurant, meeting venues, etc. 

What’s in the future for HIM?

As I’ve pointed out earlier. We are looking for partners who have the same vision to grow with us in emerging locations. For example, instead of Bali we are right now more interested in Lombok. We want to be a part, or catalyst of the growth. 

What do you think set HIM apart from other hotels?

We try to put an emphasis on local culture, as simple as the use of  greeting upon guest’s arrival, or to the physical appearance like in bandung, we name our hotel De Paviljoen to honor Bandung’s dutch colonial heritage. We also accommodated the city government’s requests to have an alfresco restaurant area just in front of our hotel that acommodates nicely with the sidewalk they’ve provided. 

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