Chef Maurizio Bombini’s culinary journey began since he was a kid in his father’s family business-based restaurant. He has also traveled around the world extensively to learn techniques from other culinary backgrounds.

Then in 2010, he first stepped afoot in Asia, precisely in Hainan, China. Finally, he began his culinary adventure in Bali, Indonesia years later served as Chef de Cuisine and later Executive Chef in luxurious resorts in Bali.

In late 2018, Chef Maurizio decided to fully express his own culinary style by opening MAURI Restaurant in Seminyak, Bali. The name “MAURI” is named after his name in short. The restaurant transpires this South Italian atmosphere with a warm and elegant ambiance where the engagement with the guest and the service quality is the priority, keeping a relaxed feeling.

This October, Raffles Jakarta proudly presents Restaurant Take Over, The Autumn Truffle Series with MAURI Restaurant by Chef Maurizio Bombini for a limited time only. We were very lucky to have a sit-down one-on-one interview with him and he shared his perspectives about his culinary journey, his special Autumn Truffle Series dishes, and his take on his future plan.

  1. Good afternoon Chef Maurizio Bombini, welcome back to Raffles Jakarta! Any particular reason why it makes you interested in collaborating with Raffles Jakarta again?
    We feel that Raffles Jakarta shares the same level of service and food quality, we like the place and then for us it’s more about people, so I think the chemistry with the people of Raffles Jakarta is similar to Mauri’s and that’s the reason why feel very happy to come back to Raffles Jakarta all the time.

    When you do a Restaurant Takeover event, you need to make sure the place where you go. It must fit your style of the restaurant and style of your cuisine, that’s the reason why Raffles Jakarta is the right place for us to be.
  2. Can you share a little bit of background story of your culinary journey?
    When I was a kid haha… I was born in Puglia region. I grew up in a family restaurant business, so my parents had a restaurant when I was a kid. So I had been always inside the restaurant back then. Then I started to do all my culinary schools, traveled around Italy, working in different places, I went to Switzerland, the US, France, Monte Carlo, where I grew up my culinary skills. Then I moved to Asia to The Ritz Carlton Sanya, I worked as Chef de Cuisine there and years later I moved to Indonesia to Bulgari Resort Bali as Chef de Cuisine around 2011. I did 3 and half years there and then moved Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve as Executive Chef from the pre-opening team and then opened MAURI Restaurant in November 2018.
  3. You had worked in many countries, for you what’s so special about working in Indonesia?
    The people. Very kind and nice people, that’s the most important thing. Like I told you before, what makes a place is the people. We came to Indonesia with my wife to spend only a couple of years and now we’ve been 11 years now, we feel very welcomed. I always mention to my team that Indonesian culture is similar to my culture in the South of Italy because we are very family-driven, and also religion is a very important part of the culture. Here, I found Indonesia has a lot of similarities with my culture. The family concept is very strong and important in Indonesia, even though my team doesn’t believe me but it’s quite similar.
  4. Back to Jakarta, I’m interested in the theme you are going to bring, the Italian Autumn Truffle Series, can you tell us more about it?
    The menu that we’re going to showcase is the autumn dishes. Autumn truffle that has been brought from Italy, you know truffle is very famous in Italian cuisine. The autumn truffle is the first truffle coming before the winter white truffle season. The autumn truffle is available around October to November and then by the 2nd week of November, you got the white truffle, the diamond of truffle from Italy. Autumn Truffle will enhance the spirit of pre-winter. The flavor and taste will be lighter since the meals and ingredients tend to be heavy during winter due to the winter cool weather. Autumn normally gets cooler and winter gets colder so the style of the cuisine is followed.
  5. Flavor-wise, what can we expect from the dishes you’re going to cook for us?
    One dish in particular that we have is Ravioli con Burrata. This is a very umami dish, so you have the burrata that is really cheesy but not too strong but still very creamy and then sweet Japanese prawn and then combined with fish consommé that is very light. All 3 together give a very interesting umami flavor to the dish. We also have Tonno that made from smoked tuna, yellow gazpacho, and white balsamic. It’s quite a light dish, simple, easy, and offers a very interesting flavor like you have the smokey of tuna, the sourness of tomato, an interesting layer of flavor.
  6. Are the menus also available at MAURI Restaurant, or the menus are specially curated only for this event at Raffles Jakarta?
    Specific for this event only. We did this at Mauri back then, but right now for it’s only available at Raffles Jakarta and of course with a different twist of flavor so it’s going to be interesting. I have truffle menus too at MAURI Restaurant but it’s still different to what we are going to serve at Raffles Jakarta
  7. Please give us three words that describe your cooking style the best?
    , because it’s not heavy. It is my style of cuisine. Then, Refined because our presentation is different from the typical Italian presented food, our presentation is a little bit more refined with Chinaware, refined but it’s not too much, when you see the food you’ll be like almost don’t want to touch the dish it’s like an art of the plate and last it’s tasty, that’s what my customers have been telling me so I repeated them haha…
  8. What are the essential items in your kitchen?
    Olive oil haha… Because it can create amazing food and save anything. But I’d like to add to what my father was also said, it’s water. My father’s also a chef and always said if there’s any problem just add water, it’s true, anytime you have a problem add some water  then you’ll have the solution
  9. Being in Indonesia for quite a long time, do you have any favorite Indonesian food?
    Oh yeah, a lot. From the simple one to the most complicated one, let’s start with Nasi Goreng, and then Sop Buntut, Bebek Betutu, Rendang, Ayam Bakar, Gado-Gado, Satay, I like most of the Indonesian food. If I had to tell one maybe between Rendang or Sop Buntut, oh and there’s Perkedel that I love.

    When I was at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, I was in charge of the Indonesian restaurant so I had the opportunity to discover more. Even I like sambal now, I’m not full-on spicy/chili taste but I like it. I have never eaten spicy food before but since I live in Indonesia I like it now, I like Sambal Matah the most, it’s light, fresh, and spicy.
  10. Can you share your plan in the near future?
    Actually, I’m currently working on a new concept of a more casual restaurant in Bali already. Very straight focus on one concept, I can’t tell you more, it’s still a secret but we are already working on it, and will be ready in a couple of months. Maybe around the second week of December to be ready but if not it has to be done after the festive season so January. We still need to work on the construction, building, materials, and the design.

Another plan, I love the idea of creating another restaurant that is more private one day, like a chef’s table service restaurant. That would be interesting for me to enjoy real cooking for a limited amount of guests, and another plan will be open Indonesian Restaurant. I hope the plan goes all smoothly.

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