The international team tournament titled “Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) -Indonesian Golf Tour (IGT) Championship 2017” will be held again. PGM-IGT Championship 2018 which will bring together teams from two neighboring countries: Indonesia and Malaysia will be held on 1-3 August at Tiara Melaka Golf Club, Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia. Malaysia will host this match play format match format.

This year Indonesia is represented by golfers from Indonesian Golf Tour bringing the mission to defend the championship trophy achieved in the last year. In the second event last year Indonesia acting as the host successfully rolled Malaysia with a score of 141 / 2-81 / 2.

Addressing this year’s chances, IGT teams remain optimistic to bring home the prestigious trophy again. This belief was delivered by Jubilant team captain “Teddy” Arda, who also led the IGT team last year.

“We will play the total. I am optimistic we have a chance to win. Our team at this time, I admit, is stronger than last year, “said Teddy. “However, we still need to be wary of host Malaysia which will also prepare a stronger and better prepared team.”

The composition of the Indonesian team this time is a little change. Teddy retained seven of the 12 players who won last year’s PGM-IGT Championship: George Gandranata, Rinaldi Adiyandono, Benita Yuniarto Kasiadi, Elki Kow, Fajar Winnuryanto, Adrian Halimi and Indra Hermawan. Meanwhile, one of five golfers not brought to Malaysia is Danny Masrin. Danny can not participate because he has a schedule that can not be abandoned, so he had to give up himself not to participate in the team to defend the title.

Five vacant positions in the team are filled with five new golfers who are rated to have improved performance in the last six months. Four golfers among them are amateur players, namely Naraajie E. Ramadan P., Jonathan Wijono, Kevin C. Akbar, and Almay Rayhan. The four are the national team players who will plunge in the Asian Games 2018 Jakarta-Palembang in mid-August.

“Their performance [amateurs] is increasing rapidly. Their skills are formed during the IGT, which is the right medium for professionals and amateurs to hone their games and talents through professional circuits in Indonesia. Therefore, we invite them to join the IGT team, “said Jimmy Masrin, founder and chair of IGT.

Another professional golfer, Jordan Surya Irawan, who was the reserve player of this international team tournament last year, completed 12 players who will fly to Malaysia. Not long ago, Jordan, with Almay, Naraajie, Kevin, and George, proved themselves worthy of being on the IGT team after qualifying in the Indonesia Open international event in mid-July 2018.

As host, Malaysia will attempt to turn things around on her guest. They have learned from years of experience after belittling Indonesia that they have to pay dearly with a stifling defeat.

“We learned from our mistakes at Riverside (venue PGM-IGT Championship 2017 in Bogor) last year. Therefore, this year we will prepare everything as well as possible and try to win back the championship trophy, “said PGM Tour chairman Tun Ahmad Sarji.

PGM-IGT Championship 2018 will use match play format. There are three types of matches that are held during the three days of the tournament, namely foursome, fourball, and singles. The first two days (1-2 August), the PGM-IGT Championship 2018 will feature four foursome matches (morning) and four fourball matches (noon). On the last day, the singles number will play 12 matches. The total of three-day matches is 28, which provides 28 points.

The team that reached 141/2 points will be the winner of the tournament. However, if both teams collect the same points (14), the previous PGM-IGT Championship champion will retain the title.

PGM-IGT Championship provides a total prize of RM200,000 (Rp710 million, 1 RM = Rp3,550). The winner of the tournament will bring home a reward of RM130,000 (Rp461.5 million).

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