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6 Mom & Baby Activity Ideas in Jakarta

Want some quality time with your baby? These activities will definitely give a great variety to you & your baby bonding time.

8 Best Waterparks in Jakarta and Surrounding Area

For a family-friendly splashing fun, head to one of these waterparks in and around Jakarta area. Please be aware that these parks can be extremely packed, as there hardly any quota for visitors, so visiting on weekdays is highly recommended.

Theme Parks in Jakarta & Surrounding Area

Either for an adrenaline or have fun with your family and kids, here are our best theme parks in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

6 Best Martabak Places in Jakarta

There are two types of Martabak that you can find on the streets of Indonesia, especially Jakarta. Nearly all the Martabak carts, usually sell both kinds, but they can’t be more different from the other. Here are some martabak places in Jakarta you should try!

5 Things to Do in Sentul Area

Located less than 2 hours from Jakarta city center, on the way to Bogor, Sentul has gained popularity as a new destination for those who want to have a short getaway from the city. We list a few things that you can do around the area!
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