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8+ Mom and Baby Shops in Jakarta

Jakarta has plenty mom and baby shops but which ones are the best? Here is our list of most recommended

6 Best Indian Restaurants in Jakarta

Indian restaurants are relatively easy to find in Jakarta. But which one is the best?! Here is our recommendation for best Indian restaurants in Jakarta.

12 Best Artisan Bakeries in Jakarta

Where do you usually get your daily bread? As a true melting pot, Jakarta offers plenty of bakeries that offer

Things to Do in Serpong & South Tangerang Area

Parks, themed shopping centers, markets, and restaurants, lots of it. Here is the list that you should have in hand in your next BSD/Serpong/Tangerang excursion.

9 Best Sandwiches in Jakarta

Most sandwich lovers would agree that making a good sandwich is an art form of its own, where much care is put into taste, texture, and creating the experience of a satisfying meal. Here are some places where you can have the best sandwiches in Jakarta.
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