Homage to the charm of Indonesian spices and herbs based on the archipelago recipe collection that has been passed down through generations. The all monthlong special menu selection consists of appetizer, main course, dessert and spiced cocktails that are proudly
rooted in Indonesian traditions, available from 13th of August 2020.

The locally well known dishes are elevated with modern flare to each of its presentations. First and foremost, our guests will embark on its Nusantara journey with options of Buttered Tempeh Tempura with a side of peanut sauce and Martabak Telur complemented with three sauces; spicy and tangy, yellow curry and peanut sauce.

Then our guests can delve deeper into the taste of the archipelago with our main course selections. A comforting warm bowl of Lontong Sayur Medan, the classic and nourishing Gado-gado, our own take on the traditional Cianjur recipe of Satay Maranggi with fried uli, and Oxtail Fried Rice.

As for the last stop, our guests can simply indulge in the classic flavor combination on a lovely plate of Kembang Tahu Panna Cotta. A dessert that is inspired by the traditional Wedang Tahu. Mostly known as a warm drink made of coagulated soy milk (kembang tahu) soaked in hot ginger.

To unwind, we offer a few twists on the traditional cocktails with some fresh layers of flavor to our patrons. Starting off with a soothing glass of rum-based Wedang Beureum paired with tamarind candy as our take on Wedang Jahe, a traditional drink that is not only rich in taste, but is also an immune booster. The comforting drink consists of ginger beer, apricot brandy liqueur, fresh lime and homemade brown pandan syrup that will taste even fresher once you take a bite of the tamarind candy.

A hot remedy is also included in our cocktails selection, that we call our own Boenga Rempah. A light rum based cocktail inspired by the medicinal drink from West Java, Bajigur. Boenga Rempah’s mixture of almond liqueur, homemade palm sugar syrup, lemongrass spice tincture, coconut milk, ginger, vanilla ginger foam will warm you up as you take a sip of its distinct flavor and wait until it sweetens after a few bites of assorted sweet potatoes.

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