After more than 10 years of consistently serving the best food and creating the best experiences, Social House started their Grand Renovation in early 2019. Now, Jakarta’s favorite wine and dine destination has finally reopened! The highly anticipated brand-new Social House continues to exude a warm ambiance that is new, yet familiar. Becoming an unofficial landmark in Jakarta, Social House has brought its expertise to Dubai with Social House Dubai, showcasing the best comfort food and refreshingly innovative drinks. With a breathtaking view of Jakarta’s Bundaran HI, Social House is the perfect spot to sip on a glass of wine from their vast collection.

Aside from the change in Social House’s interior, there are also some unmissable updates. Social House boasts some amazing new menu items that complement the existing menu. Items as the Pork Belly Fried Rice, Twisted Salmon Sashimi, Mentaiko Spaghetti, and Rendang Short Ribs embody twists on classic comfort food that is perfect for anyone, for any occasion. Known for their wine bar with more than 180 selections, you can ask the sommelier your perfect glass or participate in wine tastings to find
it for yourself! A new, unique feature is an innovative wine dispenser that is designed to make the most of your favorite fine wine.

Designed by Willis Kusuma, the refreshed interior and exterior is clearly reminiscent of the old Social House with grandeur details. With a larger amount of open space that doubles pre-renovation capacity, the new layout seats 275 guests. The characteristically woody interior is now a lighter wash that lets in more light. The new bright outdoor space boasts fresh foliage, as well as an incomparable view of Bundaran HI, the perfect spot to enjoy tapas or a casual drink. The indoor bar area has moved to the center of the space so everyone can easily reach for a drink, making Social House an even better spot for post-work drinks, nightcaps, and a weekend destination while listening to live music performances. The VIP spaces are available for those who want to have an intimate celebration with a maximum capacity of 20 people, which can also be used for cooking demonstrations at the signature Miele kitchen.

New, but familiar, Social House’s renovation still makes one nostalgic about the great times they’ve had there, but also excited the new memories they’ll create. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night drinks, and entertainment – there’s something for everyone at Social House.

Social House
Grand Indonesia, Jl M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Central Jakarta
P: (+6221) 23581818