In a moment, we’re going to wrap 2021 and ready to welcome 2022 in a full swing. It has been a pretty difficult year but in this festive month, the dining scene is still growing with the opening of a whole new slate of new tables. From steakhouse, another authentic Japanese restaurant, bakery shop coming straight from Korea, chocolate store, to some new speakeasy bars that already create buzz, here are the new tables to dine at in Jakarta this month.

Justus Steakhouse

From Bandung to Jakarta, Justus Steakhouse officially opens its 11th outlet which is its first outlet in Jakarta, precisely at Jalan Cipete Raya No. 3, South Jakarta. Enjoy the 2-story semi-open-air restaurant with a modern tropical ambiance that is perfect for family and friends. Targeting the family target market, Justus Steakhouse always tries to provide family values ​​where all consumers who come have memorable family meals. Justus is here not only to sell affordable products but also to be consistent with the products served.

There are more than 15 choices of premium-class steaks that you can get. Some of them are Norwegian Salmon Steak 200gr, Aussie Lamb Chop 250gr, US Black Angus Sirloin Steak 200gr, Stroganoff Wagyu MB5+, Back Ribs Wagyu MB5+ 500gr, and Tenderloin Wagyu MB5+ 200gr.

Jl. Cipete Raya No. 3, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: +628112430103
Instagram: @justussteakhouse.jkt

The RR Chocolate

Discover the world of wonders with The RR Chocolate as they craft every minute of an hour to make world-class quality chocolate that you deserve through acquiring the best techniques, sourcing high-quality ingredients, and their passion for creative excellence to create some exquisite and delicious range of premium chocolate. Now you can enjoy their premium chocolate creations by visiting their newly opened outlet in the Senopati area.

Jl. Senopati No. 23, Senopati, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: +6221 39702229
Instagram: @therrchocolate

Paris Baguette

The No. 1 bakery cafe in South Korea has finally landed in Indonesia. Paris Baguette is nestled at ASHTA District 8, experience a world-class freshly made bakery, pastries, cakes, sandwiches, salads, deli, coffee, and more to satisfy your cravings. Whether it’s savory or sweet, they bake every single thing with love and passion so we are sure you’re going to love every bite of it. For heavier meals we recommend their Signature Salmon Cream Pasta, Spaghetti Alle Vongole, Oven Baked Chicken, Salmon Steak, and Double Smash Burger.

ASHTA District 8, SCBD
Lot 28 – GF, Unit 03-05
Instagram: @parisbaguette_id


Photo credit: Instagram @mondaymunches

Already attracted crowds for its enchanting facade in the Gunawarman area, Yuzuya exudes a modern take of Japanese restaurant with an iridescent interior thanks to the colorful patterns of kimono that have been installed to boast a dramatic Japanese ambiance. Led by the Master of Teppanyaki Chef Hidemaro Hodaka, Yuzuya spotlights the freshest ingredients to produce the highest quality authentic Japanese menu. You mustn’t miss their sashimi, sushi, yuzuya wagyu, yuzuya salmon, nigiri, makimono, temaki, teppanyaki, yakimono, agemono, donmono, nabemono, and more.

Jl. Gunawarman No. 9, Senopati, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: +6281210022636
Instagram: @yuzuya.indonesia

The Great Gatsby

Transport back to the golden era of The Great Gatsby by visiting this speakeasy bar. As the name implies, The Great Gatsby that is situated Elysee SCBD is the place for you to immerse in the unique atmosphere of Gatsby-esque lounge, while they serve with their signature and artisanal cocktails served by their award winning mixologist Yudis. One of cocktails that you should try is Bakudapa Sour that is inspired by Manadonese Signature Sambal.

Elysee SCBD
Phone: +62813 8899 1383


No need for hidden entrances nor hooch-obscuring levers and pulleys to gain access, SPEAKEASY Jakarta is perfect for those who appreciate old-school style blending with a modern atmosphere to unwind. If that’s not cool enough, SPEAKEASY Jakarta invigorates the senses and tantalizes the tastebuds with their melting pot of exotic Asian and Western flavors by Koi. Even you need something to soak up the drinks, they have plenty of fun concoctions like Choco Highlander, Old Biscoff, Spice Paloma, Derby Sour, Green Banana, Cigar Negroni, Iris Truffle, and more. For meals, highlighted food menu includes Duck Confit with Green Beans, Creamy Seabass Fillet, Australian Lamb Burger with Melted Cheese, Chicken Betutu with Garlic Rice and Sambal Matah, Truffle Ravioli with Brown Butter, and many more.

Jl Gunawarman No 37, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: +628119205522
Instagram: @speakeasyjakarta