11. Kerak Telor

Kerak telor, which means ‘egg crust’, is considered as one of the city’s culinary heritage. It is an omelet-like dish made from a combination of either duck or chicken eggs and glutinous rice, slowly cooked on charcoal, giving it its crispy exterior. The delectable dish is then topped with a scrumptious serving of crunchy dried shrimps, fried shallots and shredded coconut, served hot on top of the paper. Most people recommend using duck eggs as it gives the dish a richer and fattier taste as compared to chicken eggs. On a side note, kerak telor is not as ubiquitous as its fellow street food because it can only be found in certain spots that are iconic in Jakarta like Monas, Kota Tua, and PRJ.

12. Roti Bakar

Roti bakar is one of the most popular breakfasts or dessert options of the region. Just as its name, roti bakar is a kind of sandwich that is charcoal grilled then generously topped with chocolate sprinkles, shredded cheese, and condensed milk. Its earthy, smokey flavor combined with the sweet serenity of chocolate, milk, and cheese is just to die for! Aside from the original topping, roti bakar also comes with a variety of other toppings such as strawberry, banana, and pineapple. If you are opting to have roti bakar as a dessert, be sure to not fill yourself up at dinner – you will need the space!

13. Martabak

There are two types of this dish – sweet and savory. The sweet one is martabak manis, an Indonesian dessert that resembles a pancake, and comes either in a thin or thick crust. The classic version of this dish usually involves stuffing the pancake crust with chocolate sprinkles, Nutella, cheese, condensed milk, and nuts. However, martabak manis have now evolved to all sort of unique flavors to choose from including green tea, Toblerone, Ovomaltine, red velvet and more. 

The savory version of martabak resembles a deep-fried “omelet” made from either chicken or duck eggs and comes either plain or with meat – chicken or beef – filling. The small, crispy little martabak squares are best served with pickled cucumbers and bird’s eye chili on the side.

14. Es Campur

Es Campur is a must-have especially to cool off during Jakarta’s most unpredictable heatwaves. This frozen dessert, which means ‘mixed ice’ is literally made of finely shaved blocks of ice mixed with an assortment of treats such as grass jelly, jack fruit, avocado, and coconut. The bowl of ice is then drizzled with colored sugar syrup and condensed milk. What a sweet cooling treat indeed!

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By: Divyha Pridhnani-Bhojwani