“One Decade Down, Forever to Go”. One Decade Down, Forever to Go”. After 10 years since it is being established in beauty industry, H Clinic has always been the pioneer in introducing innovative beauty treatments and has always been the leading beauty clinic with innovative state-of-art tools and machines for beauty and body treatments. 

Now, H Clinic is making a breakthrough by offering more than just beauty but treatments that focusing on becoming healthy not just physically but also covering the intimate areas. 

The existence of H Clinic ever since the opening until now is not just a place for beauty treatments. The letter H itself represents Honest, Humble & Harmony. From the owner of the clinic, Hanny Pirss to all the team, everyone is giving a warm and friendly service which is also personalized to each of its loyal customers. 

“We called the loyal customers of H Clinic as H Family. For me, they are not just customers or patients. For this 10-year since I founded H Clinic, they have become my best friends and for them, this is their “Second Home”. At H Clinic, I’m not just giving them beauty and body treatments but I’m becoming their best friend too, the one who are always listening to their stories and problem and try to give the best advice and solutions” according to Hanny. 

During the pandemic time within this last two years, people nowadays realize how important it is to be healthy, physically and emotionally. Those who are beauty treatments aficionado are now shifting into more health-conscious personas. 

Highlighting the vision and mission of the clinic which aims to provide qualified healthy lifestyle, H Clinic always strive to deliver the best service by always upgrading the competencies and the skills of their medical and non-medical team. This is how they prove their professionalism and integrity in this industry not just by providing the latest high technology tools and machines, but also keep being innovative. Therefore, H Clinic survived the tough years during pandemic and ready to make another breakthrough.

What are being offered from “More Than Just Beauty”?

After the proven 10-year time, H Clinic proudly introduce their newest divisions; FACEWORK & SEXUAL HEALTH CENTRE. FACEWORK is the first in Indonesia, a painless treatment that will resulted in a tight and rejuvenated skin face just like a sport do to your body. A solution for those who are not keen on face treatments using needles or machines. 

Meanwhile, the Sexual Health Centre provide wholeness of treatments from consultancy to medical treatment and non-medical treatment related to the health of your intimate parts and reproduction organs and surely these are also related to your psychological health.

These two divisions are part of H Clinic, as the dedication of the founder and all the team to always provide their best services to their customers or they usually refer to as “H Family”. 


FACEWORK, the first face muscle workout place in Indonesia! Offering a combination of facial fitness and face yoga that works through a series of treatments specially created to tighten the muscles of your face. 

Tutorials on how to do face workout is currently becoming a trend in social media. However, these are not suggested to do by yourself at home since it is not conducted by a professional and skilful expert. That is why H Clinic is opening a new division called FACEWORK as their newest breakthrough, the one and only place that provides face muscle workout place. 

“Different with gym, not similar with facial treatment, and no medical treatment. How many times in a week you go to a gym for your body? Not just your body that needs to be taken care of but of course your face needs one too.” according to Hanny Pirss, founder and owner of H Clinic. 

The overstressed due to work makes your face tired not just your body and without realizing it, it effects the youth on your face. With the innovative FACEWORK treatments that consist of three types; 30-minute, 40-minute and 45-minute which include face yoga, relaxing massage, Face Ball massage and treatment using a high-tech machine that will give a rejuvenated feeling to your face without any pain at all. By having FACEWORK treatment, it will relieve the tension on your face muscles, and the stress lines will eventually be vanished from your face, makes it looks younger, fresh and rejuvenated.

The overall sporty ambiance can be felt once you enter the FACEWORK treatment area at H Clinic’s first floor where all the staffs are attired in a sporty outfit makes it different than just another beauty clinic. 


Sexual Health Centre by H Clinic offers an all-in treatment from consultancy which is helmed by a sex therapist, sex psychologist and sex positive advocate to treatments and medical treatments for intimate organs health, reproduction organs health, sexual transmitted disease treatment, and aesthetic treatment for your intimate parts and mental health too. 

“We are not just providing sexologist but also List of specialist doctors are available from urologist, andrology specialist, dermatologist and gynaecologist” added Hanny Pirss.

Handling from teenage up to 60 years old and above, individually or couple, and family, Sexual Health Centre by H Clinic gives the best solution be it medical or non-medical to ensure a positive sexual treatment and consultancy tailored up personally to each of its patients. 

To wrap up, Hanny says “The customers and the patients at H Clinic are our best friends. dan pasien H Clinic adalah sahabat kami. Saya sangat menjaga privasi mereka dan selalu berusaha memenuhi apa yang mereka inginkan untuk kecantikan dan kesehatan mereka. Mereka datang karena mereka membutuhkan perawatan, maka yang saya tawarkan adalah bahwa H Clinic sebagai “Rumah” mereka untuk berbagi cerita melalui sesi konsultasi dan mendapatkan perawatan terbaik karena merawat kesehatan kulit adalah investasi jangka panjang. Kami akan memberikan solusi yang terbaik yang kami sesuaikan untuk masing-masing individu dan menyesuaikan dengan apa yang mereka impikan untuk kulit sehat mereka sehingga impian mereka terwujud. Kami memberikan konsultasi dan perawatan dengan jujur tanpa melebih-lebihkan, apabila perawatan tertentu memang tidak diperlukan karena menjadikan para H Family cantik dan sehat adalah tujuan utama kami dan mereka bisa mempercayakan itu pada H Clinic.”

H Clinic is enforcing these new divisions with a goal to always become the pioneer on new breakthrough treatments and facilities with new technology to keep following the evolving trend of healthy lifestyle.

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