Moon Chicken by Hangry, the most-sought Korean-style fried chicken brand from multi-brand culinary company Hangry, finally launched the first single-brand dine-in restaurant. Named with a galaxy-themed term, Moon Chicken Station Senopati is nestled at Suryo Street No. 11A, South Jakarta offers a casual dining experience like nowhere else.

Moon Chicken Station Senopati 1st floor

Comes with a futuristic outer space concept, Moon Chicken Station Senopati stands in a two-story building measuring 390m2 and has a capacity of 120 visitors; a capacity of about 40 people on the 1st floor and a capacity of about 80 people on the 2nd floor. When customers come to Moon Chicken Station Senopati, customers will feel a strong futuristic space feel on the first floor such as silver furniture, lamps with a dash of Moon Chicken’s brand identity which is yellow and purple colors, and a mirror display case showcasing in-house merchandise like t-shirts.

Moon Chicken Station Senopati 2nd floor

Moving to the second floor, the feel of outer space will be more pronounced. The choice of the interior with lots of flat lights in the shape of a circle like a UFO and a variety of layouts seems to be inside of UFO dining capsules. The second floor is equipped with a separated glass door smoking room area that offers an indoor terrace with a semi-open-air balcony that overlooks the busy street of Suryo. All floors are livened up with a blasting sound of K-Pop music to get your groovy up while you’re here.

Moon Chicken Station Senopati 2nd floor

In addition to the menu that is already available in the delivery service, Moon Chicken Station Senopati also offers a special menu that is only available at this dine-in restaurant from Moon Chicken by Hangry. This special menu is also complete, from drinks, snacks, to main meals. First thing first, of course you can’t miss their signature menu. The most renowned finger-lickin’ good Korean Chicken Wings and Moon Fried Chicken that best consumed with their 6 signature flavors like Moon Original, Smokey Comet, Honey Garlaxy, Big Bang, Gangjeong, and Louisiana Star. We can never get enough of Honey Garlaxy that perfectly combines the caramelized sweet honey and fully seasoned “garlicky” spice. For heating up your taste buds, Big Bang will be your ideal choice. For richness sensations, we highly recommend the Louisiana Star.

Korean Chicken Wings

Now it’s time to taste the exclusive menus, you will get a homely Korean fare starting with appetizers like Korean-inspired oden called Moon Eomuk Set and Odeng Guk. Moon Eomuk Set is a fried fish cake set that comes with original, cheese, and kani fillings completed with special sauce to dip in. For the stomach-warming broth, Odeng Guk is so comforting, rich in both texture and broth departments. If you’re feeling a bit more of the Western food side, dishes like Moon Chicken Skin Louisiana Star and Sweet Potato Ground Zero are kept simple, classic, yet addicting.

Odeng Guk

With the food is based on Korean cuisine, the must-try dine in specialty is Full Moon Bibimbap that serves a homey comforting dish that includes crusty rice n the bottom of the hot plate, corn, chicken, carrot, spinach, beansprout, cucumber, nori, medium sunny and that will be perfectly great after a quick mix of a hot red sauce.

Full Moon Bibimbap

Other notable mention includes Gimbap filled with egg, carrot, spinach, kani and sprinkled with sesame seeds. With a medley of flavors from the vegetables, some extra kick in the mouth won’t hurt. You can’t go wrong with the Moon Banchan Set that includes all the goodness of Korean sides like Kimchi, White Daanmuji, Sauteed Spinach, and Sauteed Beansprout. Pair them all to enjoy the Korean dining experience to the fullest, or you can share one for the table.


Another extensive special menu you should try is Korean Chicken Wings Rolling Cheese, flavored chicken wings that are served on top of mozzarella cheese in a hot pan. Imagine munching chicken wings with the rolling cheese wrapped around it, you may not be able to stop at one, good things it’s so addicting and not cloying your palate.

Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsoo

If you still have a space in your stomach, a selection of desserts such as Earl Grey Panna Cotta and Matcha Panna Cotta will add a sweet note to your palate. Also, keep an eye out for their Bingsoo, a traditional Korean dessert made from fresh snow topped with ice cream, fresh fruits, biscuits, or cakes.  You can expect a splurge of sweet, creamy, and a fresh tone flavor of strawberry from Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsoo. It is definitely a must-try for strawberry cheesecake lovers. Finally, end off with unique sweet Bingsoo like Injeolmi Bingsoo that offers a glutinous rice-flavored bingsoo that is very sweet and earthy.

Crispy Dalgona Latte
Virgin Mojito

A selection of fresh drinks such as their Korean Strawberry Milk, Korean Tea Ice, and Virgin Mojito are so sublime and refreshing. You may want to have one to yourself for a pleasant aftertaste. Instead of their various fresh drinks, when it comes to something to boost your mood on your bustling day, chill out with their signature Crispy Dalgona Latte that can be served hot or iced. It’s just the right amount of rich, creamy, foamy, and with a decent note of caffeine. If each sip is too bitter for you, you can sweeten things up using the honeycomb caramel provided that serves as a substitute to the usual sugar/brown sugar.

Moon Chicken Station Senopati
Jl. Suryo No 11A, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12180
Open: 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Phone: +6281119041665
Instagram: @moonchickenstation