Joining the rest of De La House’s numerous dining concepts, MINQ Kitchen is the latest and only Chinese modern restaurant in the company’s portfolio. Billed as a restaurant with “comforting Chinese cuisine in a contemporary setting with a dash of vintage touch”, MINQ Kitchen charms the subtleness by occupied mirrored walls imbued with pulled-iron railing doors on the wall. MINQ Kitchen is casually comforting, that’s good for quick lunches, family gatherings, and everything in between.

As the name suggests, MINQ itself is derived from the Ming Dynasty who ruled China for over decades. That was the first Chinese dynasty that really paid attention to how they served the food. It was also the era when China first traded with Western countries. That’s how Chinese cuisine was introduced throughout the world while enriching with newly found ingredients and spices.

Before we move forward to the menu, can we have a moment to adore those China ceramic wares they use on the table? Bring back so much nostalgia. Signature salads to try to include Duck and Mango Salad, which is very refreshing with sweet and sour notes, best of both worlds. There’s also Hot and Sour Soup, served warm and laden with spice, giving you the warm fuzzies inside and out. There’s also everyone’s favorite Homemade Bean Curd that can be dished up with a choice of dried shrimp or minced chicken.

The main highlights here include Quarter Special Crunch Chicken which was cooked to perfection. Dip it with their special sauce to make it more scrumptious. King Tao Beef, on the other hand, is a must-try. Tenderly good, sweet and savory all at once. If you’re feeling to chow down some seafood menu, Mango Wasabi Prawns is recommended or order Kecombrang Steamed Fish that offers a great flavor of steam-baked fish with torch ginger.

For those working in the nearby area, MINQ Kitchen offers a lunch package menu starting from IDR 45,000. The lunch menu includes Hainan Rice, Hong Kong Noodles, Claypot Rice, and Congee. It’s a perfect way to grab and enjoy a quick grub before rushing back to work. For something sweet, durian lovers can rejoice to their Pancake Durian and Deep-fried Durian. If you’re one of many people that loathe durian still can enjoy some sweet ending with Lemon Grass Jelly, Mochi Ice Cream, or Gui Ling Gao.

Still in the mood of Chinese Lunar New Year, MINQ Kitchen offers Cap Go Meh Specials that will be available from 26th January to 8th February 2020. Pick and choose their perennial favorites abound, such as Prawn Dragon Fruit Salad, Leaping Chicken Frog, Long Life Noodle, and King Tao Grilled Short Ribs.

MINQ Kitchen
Jl. Suryo No. 36, Senopati, Jakarta 12180
Open: 10:00 – 22:00 daily
Phone: +62 21 7250 258
Instagram: minq_kitchen

By: Stallone Tjia