12. Jayson’s Meat

Another online butcher selling premium imported beef, pork, lamb and other supporting groceries. One that we recommend getting from them is their signature Smokehouse Beef Brisket. Perfect for meatlover’s parties! Sends from Bintaro.

Phone: +62 812 5180 0559

13. Bendito Meat

Bendito sells imported premium beef from Japan,American Black Angus Beef,Australian Wagyu Beef, all 100 % Halal

Contact: WA +6281809972399
IG: bendito.meat.co

14. Healthy Wagyu

Healthy Wagyu is based in Bandung but ships their frozen meat nationally. Choices range from the cheaper wagyu meats to premium cuts, salmon, and even unagi kabayaki.

IG: @heathywagyu
LINE: @healthywagyu


JAJANDAGING is a solution for you who wants to buy meat online. Claimes as the best online meat shop in Indonesia, JAJANDAGING offers a wide variety of premium meat cuts, as well as fresh and high-quality chicken and fish cuts.

IG: jajandaging