celebrating International Day of Slowness on 21 June 2021, Ashta initiates Simple Life 1.0 campaign lasting from 21 June to 21 July 2021. Under the theme “The Art of Slowing Down” Ashta is calling the urban citizen to pause from the hustling and exhausting lifestyle and instead slow down, look around, and make time to restore the soul and adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

For a whole month on each weekend, visitors may register to join self-restorative activities such as a painting workshop from Bartega x KOHLER, Tangan’s campaign to deconstruct second-hand clothes into useful products, flower arrangement workshop with Jakflo and Reverose Florist, healthy food cooking session with Chef Norman Ismail, and ceramic workshop featuring Ayu Larasati. Visitors may indulge in the solemnity of slow living through yoga, meditation, and breathing exercise held at Ashta’s rooftop area on the weekend just after sunrise and before sunset.

Do you consider yourself a gastronome? Then unique culinary experiences such as jamu tasting from Suwe Ora Jamu and tempeh tasting from Tempe Movement, as well as tea ritual and tea blending experiences with Indonesia Tea Institute will suit you best. Many interesting talk shows about environmental topics such as electric motorcycles, WWF plants and plant bidding are available for free. The festivity is made perfect with music shows available at the living room area of the mall while DJ performances will turn the neon garden into a music soundscape. HiVi! will feature as a special performer at Ashta x Sasa activation stage on Saturday evening (26/6).

Aside from dozens of dreamy activities, visitors are free to enjoy an experimental art installation at Ashta Simple Life 1.0 Exhibition. The whole area of G Floor will be magically turned into green lushes separated into six thematic gardens namely Mirror Jungle, The Living Room, The Silhouette, The Rainforest, The Desert, and Trees of Light. Each of the thematic gardens will carry an idiosyncratic element such as mirrors, woods, light, and shadow to blend with the greenery landscape as the foundation.

“Now is the right time to slow down a little bit and value the beauty we often missed out when everything was ‘normal’ and ‘busy’. As the world is recovering, so we are—building a strong foundation by exploring activities that calm the soul,” Alexander H. Kusuma, CEO of Agung Sedayu Realestat Indonesia (ASRI) said. “To me personally, slowing down means being present here and now and being immersed in doing things that define who we are while giving back to nature.”

“Amidst the hustle-bustle of the Central Business District, Simple Life campaign as initiated by Ashta emerges as an oasis. For us urban dwellers who are used to living the fast-paced life, a slow and simple lifestyle gives us the efficacy to control time instead of simply letting it pass—to fully being alive.” Gupta Sitorus, CEO of Disrupto and one of the collaborators of Simple Life 1.0 “I highly appreciate Ashta’s initiative to present Simple Life 1.0 where we are reminded to enjoy the bliss of living a simple and healthy life, as well as giving back to Mother Earth,” echoes Arifin Putra, an actor and collaborator of Simple Life 1.0.

“I’m excited with the arrival of Ashta Simple Life 1.0 where all of us have the chance to soothe the body and soul with the spirits of sustainable activities,” Arimbi Nimpuno, chef and another collaborator of Simple Life 1.0 says.

Several high-profile guests will attend some of the events mentioned above, including Baim Wong, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Wulan Guritno, and Ayla Dimitri. Follow the latest registration updates on Ashta’s Instagram @ashtadistrict8 or through ASRI Living app. Get the latest news and promotions from Ashta on ashta.co.id