Lush Pets Co officially opened the first offline store in Pantai Indah Kapuk 2, North Jakarta on Friday, 20 May 2022. This outlet is collaborating with Liberta Deli, the café branch of Liberta – a contemporary Italian restaurant that has been operating in Sudirman, Jakarta. Lush Pets Co and Liberta believe that the out-of-the-box collaboration of the two industries will bring new, never-before-explored experiences for customers.

Lush Pets Co x Liberta Deli Grand Opening Event

Lush Pets Co is an outlet that offers high-quality curated products ranging from food, snacks, vitamins, grooming products, to accessories and toys for pets, especially for dogs and cats. Natassya Wijaya, Founder of Lush Pets Co, said, “We are very enthusiastic about this collaboration and we hope that this collaboration can bring a pleasant experience for customers and their pets.”

Not only that, in order to provide a one-stop solution experience, Lush Pets Co also provides grooming services for dogs and cats by professionals, using natural products. Before a dog or cat is bathed, veterinarians and health workers from Lush Pets Co will first thoroughly examine the pet. If special care is needed, experts will recommend the best course of action.

Lush Pets Co

“We have the vision to create a better and healthier world for pets, animal lovers, where people can find and buy quality products for their pets easily in the Indonesian market,” said Natassya. Most of Lush Pets Co’s products are imported directly from Japan, the United States, Canada, and various other countries and are marketed at competitive prices. In addition, Lush Pets Co also sells local products which also have values ​​in line with Lush Pets Co in providing products made from natural and high quality for pets.

Lush Pets Co Grooming Room

At the Grand Opening of Lush Pets Co x Liberta Deli (20/5), drh. Kurnia Suanda as a speaker on the talk show said that the health of our furry friends really depends on the treatment system chosen. The better the treatment, the healthier the pets will be. “It is our responsibility as pet owners and the medical team to provide the best care for pets. One of the steps we can start is by choosing treatments made from natural ingredients for the health of our pets,” stated drh. Kurnia.

On the second floor of this outlet, there is Liberta Deli, a new concept from Liberta Restaurant that serves coffee, pastries, and baked goods that already become customer favorites, such as classic croissants and gelato. There are several special dishes that are only available at Liberta Deli Pantai Indah Kapuk 2, namely Liberta’s signature Guava Cheese Rolls, Portuguese Egg Tarts, and Fizzy Pineapple Coffee which are modern modifications of the Italian taste. Liberta Deli is here for Lush Pets Co customers and urban communities who like to enjoy time with friends and family.

Liberta Deli

The presence of Lush Pets Co and Liberta Deli is expected to be an answer to the various needs of the community and pets with the best quality that prioritizes health and comfort.

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