Claws up fellow gluttons, of course we know why lobster is the king of all crustaceans. It is an expensive delicacy that can be costly to consume. It’s not hard to see why, when fresh and cooked to perfection, the firm and satisfyingly chunky flesh that lips easily off its shell is sweet, succulent, and heady.

Situated on Jl. Terogong Raya No. 36, South Jakarta, LOVEster Shack serves up premium local lobster from Papua and some seafood based dishes with reasonable price both come in a personal or generous portion for sharing. The décor of LOVEster Shack exudes casual American diner vibes, making it a charming and chic place but still humbly fits for any occasion, perfect for a relaxed lunch or dinner around there.

To swarm up the engine, why don’t order everybody’s favorite like Classic Fried Mushroom served with their homemade tartar sauce to satiate your hunger a bit. It’s very crunchy golden and not greasy. Then move on to the next appetizer to share like Lucky Calamari that can be ordered grilled or fried. We opted to grill it and the result was very satisfying. A piquant combination of tender squid rings glazed with Jimbaran-style sauce with homemade sambal matah.

Now for the main reason why we’re here, the very popular Lobster & Shrimp Combo Platter was served on the sharing platter. Indulge in succulent and springy lobster seasoned to richness. There are 2 types of lobster for guest to chew; first it’s jumbo shrimp which offers a meaty but rather plain in taste and second it’s Arabian lobster which tasted a little sweet but a little tinier in size. The dish is paired with steamed sweet potato plus sambal matah and Cajun-style sauce dipping to give an extra spicy kick.

For those more inclined to the Italian taste and would like to try something more exquisite, their Crayfish Aglio Olio is a must try. The firm but fresh flesh of the crayfish completes the slightly chewy al dente texture of their spaghetti, making it an enjoyable and hearty meal indeed.

If you’re feeling like splurging little on their lobster roll, rest assured that LOVEster Shack promises quality ingredients that are the freshest on the market. Either it’s Shack’s Favorite Lobster Roll, LOVEster’s Shrimp Roll, or LOVEster’s Crab Roll, every item is delectable whether you eat for dine-in or grab to go.

LOVEster Shack
Jl. Terogong Raya No. 36 Jakarta Selatan 12430
Phone: +62 21 227 68 360
Instagaram: @lovester.shack