The days when event organizers had to rely on the old-fashioned ticketing and transaction system have passed by. They finally knew a change was necessary.

We all already know, any type of events from music festivals to exhibitions are the kind of experiences that most people are craving for. Yes, we are talking about the great big events around you. Guess what, most of them had the best ticket management in this industry.

They realize the old fashioned ticketing and transaction system had not only meant slow entry and queues but less vendor transparency and greater risks with a large amount of cash on-site. The event organizers knew they needed an end-to-end solution that included a point-of-sale transaction integration, on-site networking, and advanced access control. Using all the previous reporting data provided by the ticket management service of Loket for Business, many event organizers started to implement new ways in bringing efficiencies to their operations that can increase even more revenue and scale to larger events.

How Loket for Business earned the best event organizers’ trust

Asian Games 2018, Djakarta Warehouse Project, We The Fest, AFAID, Indonesian Football Matches, and some other big events have trusted Loket for Business to manage their ticketing system. According to the data they get, it has been proved that Loket for Business can easily reduce waiting times, increase on-site spend, introduce advanced data collection, and sales reporting. Especially for the advanced data collection, it also helps the event organizers to analyze how their previous events went to improve the upcoming ones.

Using the data, they can actually see the logic behind their sales, get a better understanding of the resources they should deploy, and learn how to maximize their cost structure. Yes, over the past five years, the revolution of ticket management service in Loket for Business has been rapid. Since then, many features available within those services. No wonder almost 85% of big events in Indonesia had trusted Loket for Business to handle the ticket management and cashless transaction in their events. From spreadsheets to the integrated data analytics. The technology which introduced by Loket for Business is now the backbone of many ticket management operations for big events in Indonesia. Whenever anyone wants to succeed in an event, there will be five touchpoints that can help:

1. Ticket Management
2. Ticket Distributions
3. LPOS (Loket Point of Sales)
4. Audience Engagement
5. Data Analytics

Furthermore, here are some benefits that anyone can get from Loket for Business’ services:

Wide and Comprehensive Distribution Channels
Connect through Loket’s centralized distribution system, they can reach wider ticket sales and promotion with less hassle.

Access Control Technology
They can take control over event access and diminish fraud through Loket for Business’ gate system.

They give people a seamless transaction experience with LPOS. They don’t let their audience to take the risk with pockets full of cash in a crowd. Have upcoming events and want to maximize them? Loket for Business is here with the best solution.

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