Answering the demands of a dynamic lifestyle that requires an all-inclusive residential space, FARPOINT Realty introduces a bigger living space at the Monteverde Tower at VERDE TWO. Collaborating with MOIE, home to the most prestigious interior lifestyle brands, the fully furnished unit sized at 460sqm provides residents with ample space to support their productivity while staying at home during the Large Scale Social Restriction (PSBB).

VERDE TWO collaborating with MOIE

The stylish yet functional unit features timeless design that is quintessentially MOIE, inviting homeowners to build a comfortable environment that seamlessly integrates with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

The combined unit furnished by MOIE truly brings a luxurious feeling of living in a mansion in the sky. The 460sqm unit adorned with natural light that flows generously from the floor-to-ceiling windows, illuminating the warm interior tones which has been carefully selected to create a comfortable ambience. The four-bedroom unit consists of one master bedroom and three junior bedrooms (bathrooms ensuite) providing a trendy and artistic space for the entire family with lots of activity spaces.

Whether it is working from home in the stylish private spaces, entertaining guests at the kitchen area, or just relaxing in the spacious living room with the family,

VERDE TWO and MOIE bring the ultimate designer experience like no other.

“During the Large Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) period, residents have put more thought into living in their dream residence. Verde Two’s collaboration with MOIE helps bring that dream into reality. Verde Two has chosen to partner with MOIE, a well-respected brand with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. With a spacious living space as large as 460sqm, the unit collaborating with MOIE brings a sophisticated, all-inclusive experience to our clientele.

MOIE comprehensively provides designs that align with Verde Two’s characteristics”, said Hellen Triutomo, Head of Marketing at FARPOINT Realty.

Michelle Shang, Design Director of MOIE, expressed her affinity for the stylish yet functional living space, “MOIE is privileged to be collaborating with VERDE TWO, as both share the same DNA in being design-forward, and are always committed to the highest craftsmanship. We are pleased to present a luxurious, fully-furnished designer unit for the residents of VERDE TWO.

The units at VERDE TWO are simply beautiful as it is rich in natural light, so MOIE added a beautiful visual texture to the space by gracing it with muted, earthy tones that will brighten the ambience, day or night.

To anchor the living room, MOIE Living chose the Novita sofas to make it the perfect space for families to share their activities.” Further, Michelle shared how MOIE keeps the living area sleek and tidy, “We incorporate built in cabinets and compartments that line up in the hallway and in the foyer area, so residents can keep their belongings organized and tidy, while showcasing an elegant interior design”.

More than just a comfortable living space

VERDE TWO puts the health of its residents as top priority, by continuously catering to the health and wellbeing aspects in mind so that the residents can stay healthy and productive while staying at home.

The upgraded living space is equipped with a Double Air Filtration AC System which can effectively filter 99% of microparticles and pollutants smaller than PM 2.5 microns (micrometers). Equipped in each air-conditioner unit, the filtration system circulates clean and cool air into the room to support the health of its occupants, producing fresh and clean air — similar to breathing crisp and clean mountain air. The system also efficiently prevents condensation and mold, resulting in a more comfortable environment.

Guaranteeing an all-inclusive living experience, the residents of VERDE TWO can enjoy five stars amenities without having to leave the premises of their residence. VERDE TWO provides facilities that support the various preferences and hobbies of its residents. Among the ample state-of-the-art amenities are the Theater Room which has a modern and elegant design supported by a full surround audio system, Wine & Cigar Room, and The Business Center with a high-speed WiFi network and Private Booths to ensure the productivity of their business activities while at home.

To support an innovative and sustainable lifestyle, VERDE TWO provides an Electric Charging Station where residents can conveniently charge their electric vehicles. During the travel restriction, facilities at VERDE TWO provide an Extra Social Space or an extension room of the apartment unit so that residents can feel comfortable with the various supporting facilities that support their activities without leaving home.

VERDE TWO is one of the premium developments under the FARPOINT and Asia Green Real Estate, which prioritizes five-star comfort and facilities with the aim of improving the quality of life of its residents. VERDE TWO is a world-class collaboration apartment development built on 8,600 sqm of land, consisting of two towers; Monteverde and Terraverde. These towers provide twenty five indoor and outdoor state-of-the-art facilities, to support the lifestyles of their residents.

The living areas of VERDE TWO are designed as low-density living spaces thus embracing Physical Distancing by Design. As an exclusive residence, VERDE TWO has limited public access since it is not connected to a shopping center. The double private lift facility also reduces the possibility of residents sharing a common space together.

Designed with innovation in mind, VERDE TWO is the premier residential destination in Indonesia’s capital. With a sophisticated European design, combined with Indonesia’s flagship craftsmanship, VERDE TWO applies designs by world-class consultants, namely Johnson Fain (USA) for principal design, and SWA for landscape design. The collaboration with MOIE is the first among many of VERDE TWO’s Designer’s Apartment Series, with more collaborations to come.

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